Franchise Consultant Diane Stricker Answers 2020-2021 Hot Franchise Opportunities For Sale Question

Cincinnati, OH – Franchise Consultant, Diane Stricker from Dream Entrepreneur Strategies releases a YouTube video answering a popular question among clients – “What are the hot franchise opportunities for sale in 2020-2021?”. Her answers to the top 5 most popular questions are shared on her website, along with 4 PDF reports guiding individuals looking to start a franchise.

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A client of hers whom Diane guided to start his Home Health Care franchise, Andrew Corbett, shares, “Diane was AWESOME to work with! She took the time to understand me and my background to find the perfect business for me. She has been a tremendous resource along the way making sure that I have been successful. I think she went above and beyond helping me live my dream of being a successful small business owner.

Dream Entrepreneur Strategies is proud to feature YouTube videos answering commonly asked questions about starting a franchise. In addition, 4 PDF reports are available at her website: “Introduction To Franchising”, “Facts About Transitioning To Franchise Ownership”, “Top Franchise Opportunities - 200 Best Franchises To Buy In 2020” and “Insiders Guide To Franchise Ownership”.

Not all franchise opportunities for sale are equal and not all of them are right for my clients. It may be selling like hot cakes right now, but it may be short-lived; or it can be ideal for the other franchise buyer, but we have to discover what's best for your goals and desired outcomes” says Diane Stricker, CEO & Certified Franchise Consultant of Dream Entrepreneur Strategies. “When my clients go through my no-fee process of due diligence, brand research and franchisee discovery discussions, we can uncover if a target franchise has the potential to earn the kind of revenue and meet the desired outcomes my clients are envisioning.

Diane Stricker, CEO of Dream Entrepreneur Strategies and a Certified Franchise Consultant, is passionate about helping others achieve their dream of business ownership, expertly guiding individuals through her no-fee service of working through the franchise buying process, from initial search to final placement, including sources to secure funding, legal, and accounting services. Her approach is an effective and structured process focusing on each individual’s needs, wants, goals, transferable skills, and budget. Her clients access her expert knowledge, reduce their research time, understand the due diligence process, and get her expert help in preparing for the franchisor interview and review the franchise agreement.

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