Founder of Goldstone Financial Group, Anthony Pellegrino, Gets Quoted in a Forbes Article Explaining Asset Management

Fiduciary advisor and founder of Goldstone Financial Group, Anthony Pellegrino, was quoted in a Forbes article on asset management. In the article, Anthony talks about the importance of understanding asset management as a form of money management and investing. He also discusses a few pitfalls and educates the reader on things to watch out for.

Anthony Pellegrino advocates on the behalf of working with an asset manager as a way to reach one’s financial goals. He says in the article, “Asset management helps the average investor build toward their financial goals, whether that is a college fund, a new home or eventually retirement. It’s working with someone who can understand your goals, resources, and constraints and working within those to achieve a financial goal.”

Pellegrino goes on to advise investors to conduct their due diligence and pick an asset manager who meets their unique needs. He says, “Talk with more than one professional before committing to a relationship. Make sure you understand the types of investments your advisor is going to use and the potential risks and rewards you could see.”

He also adds that one should ensure to find out how their advisor gets paid and if they have any personal conflicts with managing money for them. He also goes on to say that while it may not seem intuitive to pay someone to manage one’s money, particularly if they have a low net worth, a small fee upfront can save a lot of money further down the road.

Pellegrino says, “It’s not just what you make. It’s what you get to keep after taxes. While it is possible to invest on your own, most people don’t have the time or the desire to learn and manage it on their own.” Pellegrino explains his position further by saying that this obstacle exists because of the intricacies of tax codes.

Anthony Pellegrino has helped more than 1,500 clients bridge the paycheck gap during retirement by utilizing accounts with lifetime income features to guarantee earnings and create a paycheck for life. He also offers professional asset management through a diverse portfolio of actively managed accounts and securities. Anthony has been featured on Sunday mornings on CBS 2 as the co-host of the television show “Securing Your Financial Future.” The show previously aired for five years on WLS 890AM radio, where it was ranked one of the most listened to financial and economic radio talk shows in Chicago. Anthony has also been ranked in the top 1 percent of safe money specialists in the nation and was named one of the top 10 advisors in America in 2013. He also was named a Five Star Wealth Manager in Chicago magazine twice, as voted by his clients and peers. Readers can find out more about Anthony and his services by heading over to

The Forbes article defines asset management as the service of managing a client’s money. Expanding on this definition, the article says that asset management is the process of identifying a client’s financial goals and then working to accomplish those goals via portfolio management which can include anything from buying and managing stocks to bonds and funds.

An asset manager is a catch-all term for individuals with a broad range of expertise. It can include investment advisors, financial advisors, wealth managers, institutional wealth managers, registered investment advisors (RIAs), Robo-advisors, and stockbrokers. Regular investors generally have access to three kinds of advisors - Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), investment brokers, and financial advisors.

An RIA is an individual or firm that’s legally committed to keeping the client’s best interest in mind when providing investment advice and management. RIAs are compensated with annual fees rather than sales commissions. An investment broker is a registered individual or firm that’s compensated via sales commissions for transactions, such as buying and selling investments. Finally, financial advisors are professionals who work with clients to establish financial goals and build an investment portfolio best suited to accomplish those goals. Most importantly, there is no regulation around who can call themselves a financial advisor which is why it is advised to be cautious while trusting someone with one’s hard-earned money.

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