Foundation Repair San Diego Company Discusses the Signs That Indicate a Foundation Needs to be Repaired

Santee, CA-based Unlimited Drilling & Foundations has been serving the slope stabilization, heavy-duty retaining wall, and foundation needs of those in the San Diego area for nearly 30-years now. In that time, they have become one of that area's leaders when it comes to these tasks. All of that experience has given those at this foundation repair San Diego company keen insight as to such things as what the signs are that someone needs a foundation repair. A foundation is such an important structural part of any home or building, those at the company felt it was important to help educate the public on the key indicators to look for that should at least get them to schedule a professional foundation inspection.

A spokesperson for the company says, “If you asked most people what a sign was that indicated their home or commercial building’s foundation needed a repair, most would respond to this question by saying they would notice big cracks in the lower floors of these structures. Why this is one sign that someone needs a foundation repair, there are many others too. Some of them are so subtle that only experts such as us at Unlimited Drilling & Foundations would notice them. That’s why we wanted to take the time to alert those in the San Diego area to some of the main indicators that they may be having trouble with their foundation.”

The company spokesperson went on to say that cracks in basements and lower-level floors don’t even have to be long and wide for someone to be concerned about their foundation. Any size cracks in a floor that result from shifting soil can compromise a foundation. Even wall cracks can indicate a foundation issue exists. This is especially true with wall cracks that run horizontally he stated. Settling of lower-level floors or areas of floors that appear to be sinking or sagging in spots are also a reason for concern. It was also pointed out that the upheaval of lower-level floors is just as likely to be a sign of foundation trouble as is the sinking or settling of floor areas. The company spokesperson also mentioned some of the more subtle signs of foundation issues. This includes noticeable gaps starting to appear around windows or doors. These doors will probably have issues with ‘sticking’ when trying to open them too. For those that live in a home with pier and beam foundations, a wet crawl space can be a sign of foundation trouble. Even such hard to notice happenings such as seeing gaps between counters & cabinets and the nearby wall may be a sign of foundation issues.

According to the company spokesperson, there are many reasons that foundations develop problems that need to be taken care of in order to maintain a home or commercial building’s structural integrity. One of the biggest factors for foundation problems that was mentioned was poor drainage. Inadequate soil compaction before construction can also lead to home or commercial building foundation issues. He said another major contributor to foundation repairs becoming necessary happens to structures that are built over expansive soils such as clay. Those at Unlimited Drilling & Foundations always recommend that people in San Diego err on the side of caution if they think they have a foundation problem by calling them or another professional foundation repair company in the area for an inspection. That’s the very best way to either rule out having a foundation problem or for these property owners to get insight as to how they can resolve any foundation issues they are having. If the company tech finds there is a foundation problem during an inspection, that inspector will put their many years of foundation and soil stabilization experience to use by detecting the cause of the problem and coming up with a resolution for it. They will also generate a competitively priced estimate to do the work.

San Diego area home and business owners that suspect they have a foundation issue but want to be sure by scheduling an inspection can contact Unlimited Drilling & Foundations by phone, email, or by using the form that’s found on the company’s website.


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