Fort Worth Tree Experts Uses Tree Pruning to Save Homeowner from Imminent Property Damage

Fort Worth, Texas – On Monday, Fort Worth Tree Experts planned and executed an impromptu tree pruning procedure. The company’s tree removal team had been invited to Jimmy’s home to remove a dead pine when one of its professionals noticed an oak tree with damaged branches. The only thing the branches needed to drop on Jimmy’s house was a slight push from a strong wind. Knowing the risk that lay ahead, the Fort Worth tree pruning team went up the tree, removed the broken branches, and brought them down safely.

“Neighbors in this area do not prune their oak trees,” said Jimmy when narrating his experience with Fort Worth Tree Experts. “From what they say, the oak trees generally prune themselves naturally. For this reason, the oak standing in the backyard hadn’t been pruned for over ten years. Ignoring the oak tree was a mistake.”

Fort Worth Tree Experts

“The only reason this home avoided damage is that the Fort Worth tree removal team was very observant when handling the procedure that had brought them here,” added Jimmy. “Knowing that the tree was on its way to dropping branches unexpectedly, they decided to call in their tree pruning team and the oak tree was pruned in less than 1 hour.”

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Trying to understand how the unexpected procedure affected Jimmy’s finances, reporters asked him whether he felt like he was overcharged. The homeowner’s response was quite surprising – Jimmy thought that the company was more than fair with the tree removal and tree pruning prices.

“It looks like the company’s goal is to improve landscapes and not to make a ton of money,” said Jimmy, “They discovered the broken branches but did not charge for what they could have easily called ‘hazard assessment’. After they left, a friend called and asked the amount charged for the oak tree pruning. After answering, the friend was pretty surprised – he said that what Fort Worth Tree Experts charged was a third of what he had paid a different company when he was pruning a much smaller cedar tree.”

A team of reporters contacted Fort Worth Tree Experts to see how the company handles unexpected projects. The goal of calling the company’s office was to better understand how quickly the company responds to risky procedures that show out of the blue.

“Fort Worth Tree Experts has a special service designed for homeowners with threatening trees,” the company’s CEO told the reporters. “The 24/7 emergency tree service helps the company’s team of tree cutting professionals eliminate tree-related risks within the shortest time possible.”

“Jimmy’s oak tree pruning project fitted perfectly in the emergency tree service category,” added the CEO. “Even if the team discovered the damaged oak at 7 pm, they wouldn’t have left Jimmy’s landscape before fixing the tree.”

The CEO noted that his team of qualified professionals in Fort Worth has handled thousands of emergencies in the 2.5 decades the company has been operating in the city.

“For all of the emergency procedures,” added the CEO, “The cost charged is always lower than what the property owners expect. Homeowners rarely have money set aside for emergency tree service in Fort Worth. To pay for these procedures, the homeowners often have to pull their money out of ongoing projects. By charging an affordable cost for the emergency service, the company helps homeowners avoid breaking their bank accounts.”

When pruning the oak tree on Jimmy’s landscape, Fort Worth Tree Experts reportedly had to rely more on its modern tree service tools and years of experience. The tools helped the company bring down the branches while experience helped the company ensure each removed branch was cut in a way that did not hurt the oak.

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