Fort Lauderdale Woman Turns to The Source Addiction Treatment Center to Help Her Husband Heal Traumatic Stress and Overcome Alcoholism for Good

Fort Lauderdale, FL--Nancy, the wife of a Fort Lauderdale man struggling with alcoholism, reached out to The Source scared but hopeful that she would find the addiction treatment her husband so desperately needed. Newlywed to her beloved husband, Nancy made it her mission to help him break free from his urge to self-medicate past traumas with alcohol. She inquired about treatment at The Source and was immediately met with overwhelming warmth, kindness, and compassion by their staff.

Nancy was so moved by the positive experience she and her husband had at The Source, she left the alcohol and drug rehab a 5-star review on Google. In it, she said, “Being a new wife in and of itself, can be a difficult position to be in, but marrying an alcoholic has its difficulties. No matter how hard he tried, he failed to remain sober. Explaining this to the intake staff, I was heard…and they were willing to take my husband “on board & in house” as they knew they could give him the help that he needed to leave the past behind and move forward in our new life as man and wife. There were many days that I missed my husband so very much that I couldn’t see to that final day. I was lonely and lost. Chris, the therapist, made sure that I would be ok. He not only listened to my cries but calmed my soul, assuring me that God was taking care of both me and my husband.”

The Source Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale

From the moment clients inquire about treatment they become part of The Source family. The team is a constant source of support, reassurance, and unconditional love. They work closely with clients and their families to determine the most appropriate level of care and ensure that every client can thrive in the program. Sending a loved one away to receive addiction treatment can be very scary, the staff at The Source understands this and strives to make sure families receive the support they need as well. Once appropriate, The Source will coordinate communication between families and their loved ones and encourage participation in family therapy to further enhance the recovery process.

“From Bill’s accepting us into the program to Randy who explained the program to me and my husband, to Chris and Wayne (therapists who consider what they do, not a job, but a calling) and all of the loving lives who treated us like we were the only clients they have or would ever have, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the care and support for both of us. I will be eternally grateful!” Nancy said.

The staff at The Source really do consider addiction treatment a true “calling”. Most of the team are on their own sober journeys so they can empathize with clients as they move through recovery and healing together. This unique perspective and understanding allows The Source to provide truly compassionate and supportive care to each of their clients. They have walked a mile in those shoes, so to speak, so they know the difficulties faced by not only the clients but their families as well. They strive to make everyone’s experience at The Source an extremely positive one where significant growth and healing occurs.

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