Fort Lauderdale Woman Thanks The Source Addiction Treatment Center for the Compassionate, Family Centered Care Her Daughter Received There

Fort Lauderdale, FL—Melody, a resident of Fort Lauderdale, reached out to The Source Addiction Treatment Center desperate to find effective help for her daughter. After several bad experiences at other rehab facilities, Melody was eager to find a place where they would be welcomed and supported and where her daughter could finally get the help she needed.

“This place has been a lifesaver!! My daughter has never been to a treatment center where she has felt so loved, respected, encouraged, and supported with a multitude of therapies and counselors,” Melody said.

At The Source, clients are welcomed with open arms and surrounded by compassionate and encouraging staff. Most of the alcohol and drug rehab center’s employees, including its founders, are in recovery themselves. They can empathize with the feelings treatment can stir up as clients work their way through early recovery. And they can provide valuable insight into the joy and freedom that come from a life in recovery. The Source strives to make every client and their families feel safe and supported during their time in treatment.

Melody went on to say, “Our family has been treated with the same care and concern as well as honest and helpful advice. Everyone on staff has been available and willing to answer questions, concerns, or updates on our daughter through phone calls or emails expediently. I would recommend The Source for you or your loved one if you want to truly have addiction recovery.” Read the full article at

Addiction can cause chaos within a family. According to The Source staff, “We find that those afflicted with the disease are desperate to mend broken family relationships but are afraid the damage they’ve caused may be beyond repair. The good news is nothing could be further from the truth. Family members may be hurt and angry, but most want to see their loved ones recover and are just as anxious to mend those broken relationships.”

Research also shows that clients experience greater success in recovery when they have the support of their families behind them. In order to help clients repair damaged family relationships, The Source incorporates Family Therapy into all levels of care. Once all parties are ready, an experienced addiction therapist mediates difficult conversations to allow healing to begin.

Family therapy not only helps to repair damage caused by addictive behavior, but it also helps to educate family members about the disease of addiction. By gaining a better understanding of the deeper causes of addiction, families can learn how to effectively support their loved ones in recovery.

Family members of addicts need to make sure they’re taking care of their own needs as well, so The Source also encourages family members to attend support group meetings like Al-Anon and Nar-Anon. These meetings help families connect with a community of supportive people who have experienced similar challenges.

For anyone struggling with addiction or concerned about a loved one, please reach out for help. The Source staff is available anytime, 24/7 to answer questions and help find the right treatment program for each individual’s needs. Call (800) 204-0418 or visit


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