Fort Lauderdale Man Thanks The Source Addiction Treatment Center for Saving His Life

Fort Lauderdale, FL - The Source Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL offers alcohol and drug rehab treatment that’s truly unique. Their team of recovery specialists welcomes everyone as family and believes that providing unconditional love is part of what makes a successful treatment program. Being part of The Source team is more than just a job, helping people heal and transform their lives is a passion that they take very seriously.

The Source has received over one hundred five star reviews on Google from patients who have transformed their lives with their help. One former patient by the name of Jacob recently had this to say, “I’ll keep it short. I wanted to die and everyone thought I was going to die. Using was my life for years and I wanted to end it that way. By chance, a good friend of mine, Randy, who works at The Source, flew out to my house to stage an intervention while I was in the hospital from violent seizures due to withdrawals. If it were not for that short moment in time, I would most likely be six feet under at this time rather than living a healthy life with over a year of sobriety. The truth is we are all going to die within the blink of an eye. So why not live it while you can. One day at a time.”

THe Source Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Taking initiative and doing whatever it took to help a friend speaks to the character embodied by the entire staff at The Source. Most of the team are also in recovery, so they understand firsthand what patients are going through when they make the decision to seek treatment.

The Source specializes in healing the underlying causes of addiction. They’ve discovered through experience that nearly every person who struggles with substance abuse is also coping with unresolved trauma. Many of their patients are dually diagnosed, meaning they have a mental health condition and substance use disorder. Treatment for dual diagnoses includes multiple forms of therapy to address and heal both disorders simultaneously.

Therapies offered at The Source include music and art therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Rapid Response Therapy (RRT), Traumatic Incident Reduction Therapy (TIR), Brain Mapping and Sound Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, family therapy, and Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families support groups. All of these therapies have been shown to effectively resolve symptoms of trauma which allows clients to achieve true healing and transformational change.

Education is also a key component of treatment at The Source, specifically life skills and relapse prevention. Clients will learn the stages of relapse and warning signs to look for to help prevent a relapse. Sometimes knowing when to ask for help is half the battle, so education is important to overall success in recovery.

An unfortunate, and often painful, part of addiction is the damaged relationships, loss of trust, and hurt feelings of friends and family members. Providing family therapy allows a safe and mediated place to resolve family wounds and restore those coveted relationships. Each of these components has been found to promote client success in long-term recovery.

For more information about how the staff at The Source can help clients reach their true potential, please call their confidential hotline at (800) 204-0418 or visit them online at to learn more.


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