Former Sarasota Patient Thanks WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab Stating His Whole Experience Was Amazing

Sarasota, FL - Robert, a resident of Sarasota, recently attended WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Sarasota and immediately felt welcomed by the staff and the amenity-filled facility. He had such a positive experience he left the addiction treatment center a 5-star review on Google.

Like many people, Robert had attempted rehab multiple times before he discovered WhiteSands. “I have been to two other treatment centers and neither of them were as nice as White Sands,” he said in his online review.

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WhiteSands places great emphasis on making sure patients feel comfortable and well taken care of. Their treatment plans are personalized and individualized to cater to each patient’s specific needs in order to create a program that will be successful in their path to recovery.

During the recovery process, it’s imperative that underlying issues are considered and addressed. Oftentimes, people who struggle with substance abuse also suffer from some form of mental illness such as PTSD, depression or anxiety. When these conditions co-occurring they need to be treated simultaneously for the patient to make a successful recovery.

For many people, these underlying factors have never been diagnosed or treated. It’s common for patients to enter treatment unaware that they suffer from mental illness and that their substance use is an understandable attempt to cope. Uncovering co-occurring disorders can lead to great breakthroughs for patients like Robert. “My therapist helped me address some issues that I have never looked at before,” he said.

Patients participate in a range of traditional and holistic therapies throughout their stay including group and one on one therapy. Doing so allows patients to receive the individualized treatment that best suits their personal needs.

Entering an addiction treatment facility can be intimidating, especially for first-time patients. It’s important that patients feel comfortable, safe, and welcomed in order to be receptive to treatment.

At WhiteSands, patients have free time at the end of their day of scheduled counseling and therapy sessions. WhiteSands offers an impressive array of amenities and activities to participate in, all of which are designed to aid in the recovery process. WhiteSands 10 acre inpatient treatment center near Tampa, FL offers a swimming pool, full-size gym, basketball and volleyball courts, private bedrooms, walking paths, yoga classes, and the opportunity to work out with personal trainers.

“The amenities were great! The pool was cool and relaxing and the gym was a great place for me to start working on my physical health,” exclaims Robert. Allowing patients a sense of freedom and offering them activities for their spare time helps people learn how to have fun again without alcohol and drugs. This is one of the many reasons WhiteSands has consistently rated a top alcohol and drug rehab center. Addiction is a chronic disease that must be treated at its core in order to make a full recovery.

For anyone struggling with addiction and seeking help for themselves or a loved one, WhiteSands is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide guidance. Call (877) 640-7820 or visit


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