Former Grant Cordone And Frank Kern Protege Launches New Lead Generation Agency

Arman Ananian, a former Grant Cordone and Frank Kern protege, has launched his own online advertising agency, ArevMedia, to help businesses with lead generation. The agency specializes in creating affordable, effective, and efficient solutions for digitally growing a business around the world, no matter how big or small. They achieve that by providing digital marketing support, boosting a brand’s online presence, and handling online advertising through Facebook and Google. The agency claims to have launched hundreds of projects since 2018. The agency offers custom packages based on its clients’ needs and future goals. Interested customers can find out more about the company on its Facebook page at

ArevMedia’s team is compromised of digital marketing consultants, strategists, writers, and creatives. The agency says that they are focused on helping grow their clients’ businesses with high-impact & results-focused content. They claim to execute the most modern and effective content strategies tailored specifically for any brands they work with in order to help them establish their brand identity and expertise online. The company claims they have the advanced skills and technology at their fingertips, to offer business’ multiple cutting-edge, current, and effective digital solutions that expand the possibilities that the business can achieve in the long run.

The agency discusses a checklist of questions for entrepreneurs to ask any agency before considering giving them the keys to handling their digital presence. The first of these questions to ask is the differentiating factors between the agency and the competition. One of the ways to determine a good answer is whether the agency can clearly and concisely list the advantages that directly correlate to the business owner’s success. The next question to ask is the willingness to share concrete data such as case studies of their past work. The closer the case study is to the customer’s industry or niche the better. It means that they’ll be able to implement similar strategies that increase the business’ chances of running a successful campaign. The final question to ask is whether the agency is constantly improving and reshaping its strategies to meet the industry’s needs. A constant plan for improvement means that the agency will be able to handle the client’s business needs.

According to the agency’s founder, Arman, “I believe one of the reasons why ArevMedia was worked well is because this rule we have in the company: We are fans of our clients, meaning that we know, like, and trust them and even root for them when we don’t have to. This produces extreme commitment on our part. We are here to listen to the problems that you may face in your domain. Even if we haven’t directly worked in a niche, we are always willing to learn about newer industries and to expand our area of expertise. Please give us a call if you feel that you need any assistance with your digital brand. We would love to hear you out and offer some concrete and actionable solutions that you can implement.”

Yoni R. From Brillianteers, says about the agency, “He really knows his stuff and I am sure that whoever works with him will benefit from him big time. Highly recommended!” Alexander B. from Battaglia Ltd. says, “Arman is someone that I feel confident working with knowing he’ll get the job done to reach the ROI goals we set in place.” The company showcases its past work in the testimonials section. One of the examples they cite is of an eCommerce store, whose marketing and branding that they handled. The store managed $31k in eCom sales through only $7788 in ad spend.

The company can be contacted through a contact form on its website at The website also features a blog section where they discuss their strategies with knowledge articles such as “How to convert more customers during holidays”, “When do you need to update your website copy?”, and “What can I do after my cost per lead goes up in advertising?” to give a few examples. The company can also be reached through its social media portals such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. They can be directly contacted via email at their business email address:


For more information about ArevMedia LLC, contact the company here:

ArevMedia LLC
Arman Ananian
600 N Broad Street
Suite 5 # 672
Middletown, DE 19709