For a Trip to or from Austin Bus Rental Is the Safest During a Pandemic, Says US Coachways

US Coachways, a Staten Island, NY-based charter bus rental services company, wants to emphasize that the safest way to travel during a pandemic is through a charter bus. For instance, those who are going on a trip to or from Austin may want to look for a charter bus rental. The charter bus is currently the safest way for group travel at the present time when there is a pandemic. This is because it allows the travelers to take control of their environment while traveling.

For instance, since the bus that is chartered is specifically for a particular group of passengers, they can decide on the best way to follow safety protocols during the pandemic, such as social distancing. Passengers can decide on their seating arrangements to ensuring social distancing, as long as they also follow local laws. An unlike public transport where people travel with strangers, with a bus rental, the group travelers already know each other, which means the travelers know how to seat themselves in such a way that the risk of infection is at a minimum. Furthermore, in the event that contact tracing will later be needed, this can easily be done because travelers already know each other, and are likely from the same place or company.

In addition, US Coachways ensures that buses are cleaned based on procedures that comply or even exceed all local government and CDC regulations. And the drivers have all been ensured to be in compliance with all CDC, DOT and local regulations, such as wearing the required personnel protective equipment (PPE).

There are several advantages of the Austin bus rental service provided by US Coachways, aside from being the safest way to travel during a pandemic. First of all, it is a great option for any company or corporate trip, such as business meetings, conventions, conferences, company celebrations, and team building events. And business travelers can also take advantage of the travel time to do something productive.

An important advantage of charter bus travel is that it is the most stress-free way to travel. Unlike driving a car, which would be naturally stressful because of traffic and checking the routes and the possibility of mishaps, such as a flat tire and more. And unlike air travel, there would be no risk of losing luggage or having to turn off one’s cell phone, allowing the traveler to remain connected at all times. Charter buses also provide one of the most cost-effective ways to travel.

The charter bus rental offered by US Coachways is also a great option for family gatherings. It allows families to take a group trip to strengthen their bonds while celebrating an event like a wedding, a family reunion, graduation, birthday, anniversary, and more.

It can also be used for school outings as it ensures accountability and security for the students, faculty, and staff for whatever event, such as an arts/ cultural event, a sports competition, or a class or club trip. For churches, charter bus travel provides a great option for community volunteer work, mission trips, and special events.

As for the city of Austin, it is a great place to go to due to a number of things, such as music, live theater, film or cinema, museums, and the unique experience provided by its people and culture. There is a heavy Tex-Mex influence in Austin such that tacos and queso for breakfast is quite common across the city. There are also a lot of places to enjoy barbecues and the city has more than 1,200 food trucks that offer various types of cuisine, such as Italian, Mediterranean, Cajun, vegan, and lobster rolls.

People who are interested in knowing more about the bus rental services offered by US Coachways may want to visit their website, or contact them on the phone or through email. And those who want to get an estimate of the cost of travel may want to use the cost calculator provided on their website.


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