Florida Based Flag And Banner Maker Ultimate Flags Now Has A Presence On Youtube

Ultimate Flags, a Florida based flag and banner maker, has a youtube channel that showcases stories from the Civil War. The company is encouraging its customers to watch, like, and comment on the videos on the Ultimate Flags YT Channel. The videos aim to educate customers about noteworthy moments and people from the war.

In one video, the company tells the story of Howell A. “Doc” Rayburn, whose exploits it says is a legacy of a legend. The video calls him the most dangerous man in Arkansas during the Civil War. The video says that Doc was a Civil War guerilla chieftain who operated in the area between West Point(White County) and Des Arc(Prairie County). He enlisted in the Confederate Army in October 1861, joining Company C, 12th Texas Cavalry. From the small northern Arkansas town of Des Arc, Doc recruited dozens of local youth into a guerilla band that became known as the Phantom Unit. They gained a reputation for their daring exploits and ability to appear out of nowhere to pounce on unsuspecting Yankees. For two years Rayburn and his band proved to be a nuisance to Union military authorities with his attacks. This kept Federal assets that could have been used elsewhere tied up. The video then tells the most famous story associated with Rayburn that took place around activities at DeVall’s Bluff (Prairie County) in December 1864. Rayburn disguised as a female and made it through the picket line to a Christmas dance hosted by Federals and let loose horses, causing a stampede.

Ultimate Flags - Honoring Confederate Heritage

In another video, the company talks about the secession in New York. The video says that in 1861, the hamlet of Town Line decided to secede from the Union by a vote of 85 to 40. In 1846, another vote was held about rejoining the United States which resulted in a vote of 90 to 23. In January of 1861, its mayor Fernando Wood proposed that the city secede from the Union and form its own sovereign nation called Tri-Insula(which means three islands). According to Mayor Wood, if the city left the Union it could support itself on a fraction of the high tariffs that the federal government charged in New York on imported goods. He believed that it could greatly reduce the customs fees and not have to tax its own citizens. The idea didn’t go very far even though the war was unpopular with a lot of folks in the city. The video then talks about the famous Union 69th Irish Regiment whose bravery and legacy still lives on today in the New York National Guard 69th Infantry which still uses the same flag.

In another video, the company talks about the interest it receives for Confederate flags from other parts of the world. Canada is the largest of them but the list also includes Scandinavia, Switzerland, Japan, and Australia. The company says that it also receives many pictures back from satisfied customers. The pictures include flags adorning homes, special rooms, cars, and others. One satisfied customer, Barry from Australia, tells his story about his interest in the Confederate flag by saying “It’s the flag and the whole story of the Civil War that interests me. I have a soft spot for the Confederates who had the courage to break away from the Union and stand on their own.”


The company is located at 10185 NE 22 St, Okeechobee, FL 34974. Customers who want to speak to the company about their products can do so by reaching out to them at (863)-467-0584 from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. The company has a near-perfect rating of 4.9 out of 5 on its Google My Business page from over 25 reviews. Customers can head over to the youtube channel to watch Civil War video stories such as that of Howell “Doc” Rayburn, the secession in New York, and many others.


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