FLO Wheels Review Available on Meat Motor Website

Meat Motor, a website dedicated to riding bikes and how to become a faster cyclist and endurance athlete based on sports science research, has published a review of the FLO AS wheels. The review featured a bike set-up with a front-wheel FLO 64 AS all-carbon rim brake model and a rear-wheel FLO 77 AS all-carbon rim brake model.

The review was performed on a 2019 Factor 02, which permitted the use of 700x28 width tubeless tires run at 90psi on the FLO wheels. The review was largely positive in the rider experience and performance data presented.

According to FLO Cycling, the FLO AS stands for all sport and was designed for the triathlete, racer, or fitness cyclist. The AS wheels have been engineered for improved aerodynamics and designed to reduce rolling resistance over the previous model of FLOs. Many riders consider the 64mm rim as a front and rear wheel combination. The deepest rim offering in the AS series is the FLO 77 AS, and features a 77 mm rim depth. Many riders select this for a rear wheel. More confident or larger riders might select the 77 for a front wheel, as their experience makes them able to handle it in crosswinds.

FLO Wheels

The review rides were performed over several days. The reviewer found the wheels reduced the transfer of road vibration. The new wheels performed as designed over the micro-surface road inconsistencies. This resulted in a faster ride because fewer watts were required to move the bike at a given speed compared with the previous version of FLO Wheels. The finding is shown in the review's speed at wattage charts. In addition, rougher roads of chip seal were included in the testing. Because of the minimal vibration, the reviewer felt less mental and physical fatigue after riding the 85-mile test ride.

An additional test of the wheels was done via a 30-mile time trial loop in heavy 25-30 mph gust crosswinds. The wheels' profile provides stability in these adverse conditions, allowing the rider to remain in the aero position which is critical for speed over the course of a race. And with regards to the freehub, the review notes that FLO 77 AS provides a noise loud enough to gain the attention of other riders when coasting, which improves safety.

With regards to price, the direct to consumer FLO AS wheels are less expensive compared to competing brands of the same quality. In conclusion, the review concludes that these wheels have been scientifically designed to be more comfortable and faster, which means the cyclist will need to exert less energy and the body does not have to endure as much vibration. The review highly recommends the FLO AS wheels. The author points out that, as usual, he received no compensation for the review. The reviewed products were purchased and were not loaned or donated.

Those who are interested in learning more about the FLO AS wheels may want to check out the FLO Cycling website.


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