Fleet Management Software Available At Fleet Cost & Care

Detroit, MI based Fleet Cost & Care is pleased to introduce NextGen Fleet Management, a software platform designed to help heavy equipment rental companies operate more efficiently. NextGen was notably designed by fleet owners who have a great deal of experience in the related industries and their demands. This knowledge was invested when creating the platform’s functions, making it indispensable for fleet owners who wish to streamline their operations.

“NextGen was developed from the ground up to take over virtually all your administrative needs,” states Fleet Cost & Care,” and this means it is essentially the sole piece of fleet management software you will ever need. NextGen can also be integrated with a company’s accounting systems. It is the one-stop solution you have been looking for.”

According to the company, the platform can handle a wide variety of administrative and financial tasks. It can be used to produce quotes, schedule jobs, add or remove equipment as needed and even display daily, weekly or monthly schedules to provide an overview of upcoming jobs and events. This degree of automation serves to eliminate much of the human error that would otherwise be considered the cost of doing business, thereby raising productivity, saving time, improving data accuracy and ensuring safety all at once. These independent benefits also come together to provide an overall benefit to the organization: an increase in revenue. When paired with a client’s accounting systems, it can also take care of billing.

NextGen’s versatility allows it to take on the operations of any size business, effectively streamlining quotes, scheduling, maintenance, accounting and so on regardless of whether the company in question operates a small fleet or one that spans several countries. All data shared with the system undergoes a distinct step-by-step process to reduce the opportunity for errors, and this data can be instantly accessed by every other party who needs it. This benefits teams that work in remote locations or sites yet need to collaborate in real time.

Furthermore, Fleet Cost & Care recognizes that introducing a new system can be a laborious process that many will not see value in at first glance. However, the team is confident enough in their product that they allow interested clients to request a free demo (available through their website) in order to engage with the platform's functions prior to making a commitment. To ensure a smooth transition, the company offers in-person training, live online seminars and up-to-date documentation. Fleet Cost & Care has also erected a variety of help and support systems designed to provide answers to users as and when needed. In addition to hosting chat support functionality on the platform, users can access this assistance via the Cloud through their desktop computer or mobile devices.

Reviews made available via the Capterra platform help shed light on this process as well as the benefits that users stand to gain by finetuning its functionality to their needs. Juan H., the owner of a small business, says that, “Once it has been set up and customized to your industry, it is an indispensable product. Without this, you are wasting both time and money. Set up is what takes the longest. You can use the ‘canned’ options, but we decided to customize it to our specific needs. Yes, [that is] more time but worth it, which then brings us to the tech support, which is great. Should we come across a problem, it has been answered. If not, within a few minutes or within 24 hours.”

One of the main issues this client reports with the software is the length of time it took to integrate with their business. Fortunately, Fleet Cost & Care and their consultants are always standing by to provide any and all assistance required to help their users make the most of the tools at their disposal. Fleet Cost & Care is also widely considered to offer the best fleet management consulting services in the region, making their advice just as invaluable as their platform.

Those interested in learning how NextGen can help raise their business’ efficiency and revenue are welcome to contact Jeff Curran of Fleet Cost & Care to get started. Further details can also be found on the company’s official website and social media platforms.


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