Fleet Management Consultants, Fleet Cost And Care, Share Testimonials From Satisfied Corporate Customers

Fleet Cost and Care is a Detroit based fleet management consultants company that offers software solutions for customers in the crane and rigging and heavy equipment industries. The company announced that it has received glowing testimonials from companies such as TNT Crane and Rigging, Sims Crane and Equipment, and Wilkerson Crane. The testimonials are available in a video format on their website.

Robert Hall, a spokesperson for Wilkerson Crane, says, “You know at first when we were pitching the idea, we looked at 3 or 4 different software and some of them did 80% of what we wanted. Fleet Cost and Care was the one that had 180% of what we needed.” He goes on to talk about the direct effect of the company’s software on their business by saying, “We’ve been able to mitigate a lot of cost with our growth because of Fleet Cost and Care.”

Erika Sims, a spokesperson for Sims Crane and Equipment, says, “[It was] never even a question to us whether or not this became an option. This is what we felt was the best decision for the future of our company. We understood what the future gains would be.” Elaborating on the effect of Atom, Fleet Cost and Care’s mobile fleet management application, on Sims Crane and Equipment’s business, she says, “Implementing ATOM for us, just gave us a really good tool for our entire organization to always know what was going on in real-time. The more you can simplify that process or the more intuitive the process or the system you are using is, the easier the compliance.”

Shara Perez, a spokesperson for TNT Crane and Rigging, talks about the strict vetting process that they followed while choosing Fleet Cost and Care’s software products by saying, “For us, as an organization, we didn’t just arrive at the decision that we needed a software. We went through a process that really started with pain points. Fleet Cost and Care packaged everything for us.”

Fleet Cost and Care offer two flagship fleet management software that can scale for a company of any size looking to streamline quotes, scheduling, maintenance, accounting, and other critical business processes. The first of the two, NexGen allows businesses to quote and schedule jobs, add or remove equipment, view daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, and perform all of the back-office administrative tasks. NexGen also integrates with the accounting system to create a comprehensive solution. The company claims that NexGen allows businesses to save time, improve data accuracy, ensure safety, and increase revenue.

As a companion to NexGen, the company also offers Atom, which is a comprehensive mobile fleet management app that allows fleet owners to manage operations from a tablet or smartphone. Atom can be used by dispatchers, sales managers, operators, and service managers to create quotes and work orders, assign work to mechanics, enter labor, to capture signatures on a job site, perform safety checklists, and check in on the status of the jobs for any given time period.

All the data collected in Atom is synced in real-time with NexGen. This allows seamless data flow from the field to the administrative staff in the office. The company claims that this immediate access allows for smoother business operations and increases throughput significantly by eliminating most organizational bottlenecks. The company also claims that one of the key areas where Atom improves efficiency is payroll. It does so by reducing the need to re-key information from one system to the next. Since most of the workflow and data entry is taken care of digitally via smartphone or tablet, mobile fleet management apps like Atom greatly reduce the need for paper.


The company is affiliated with the JJ Curran Crane Company. The company’s software and expertise benefit from over 65 plus years of its parent company’s experience in the area of fleet-related ownership. Fleet Cost And Care’s software has enabled many heavy equipment rental companies to operate more efficiently, increase sales per employee, and profit margins while reducing operating costs and expenses.


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