Fleet Cost & Care Provides Advanced Management Software

Detroit, MI based Fleet Cost & Care (FCC) would like to reach out to local businesses that may be searching for reliable fleet management software. The company’s desktop fleet management platform helps users save time, improve accuracy, ensure safety and increase revenue on a scale other fleet management software cannot match. Their software is called NexGen, and it is designed by fleet owners for fleet owners.

“In NexGen, you can quote and schedule jobs, add or remove equipment, view daily, weekly, or monthly schedules and perform all of the back office administrative tasks required by your business,” says Fleet Cost & Care. “Integrate NexGen with your accounting system for a complete, comprehensive tool that eliminates the need for any other system. Save time, improve data accuracy, ensure safety and increase revenue by simplifying the way the work is performed with NexGen. NexGen enables companies within the heavy equipment rental industry to improve internal operations and employee efficiency, streamline job scheduling, quoting and billing, all while saving time, improving accuracy, increasing revenue and maintaining safety and compliance.”

NexGen provides a wide range of functions. It can help companies save time during the quoting process and eliminate the need for duplicative data entry. Using a centralized system, the software makes it easier to produce a quote quickly while also providing accurate customer, job site, equipment and personal information, which saves a lot of time and in turn produces greater profits. The information generated by the automated quoting system can be used to monitor sales and ensure profitability.

Another function offered by the software is scheduling. It can improve accuracy and reduce errors when scheduling jobs. NexGen automatically checks for equipment and employee availability, among many other details needed to get a particular job done. There are a number of other functions offered as well, including safety tracking and management, service record keeping, reporting and integrations.

“Data flows through the Fleet Cost & Care system via a step-driven process in each department,” Fleet Cost & Care explains. “Users can streamline every step so information only needs to be input once, and everyone can see it and use it to keep work flowing. Salespeople can quickly produce quotes for current customers or new prospects. You can pull in current customer information automatically, or quickly enter in new prospect details. Customize your quotes for your business. Standardize and simplify the quoting process. Built by and for heavy equipment rental, our system gives you the power to view your resource schedules the way you want to see them. Job scheduling becomes simpler when you know exactly where your resources are scheduled to be and when. No other system is as comprehensive as ours.”

NexGen, according to Fleet Cost & Care, is the future of fleet technology. Every innovation requires a strong foundation, and the main goal of technology is to enhance and expedite processes. NexGen was designed to be a tool that fleet managers can use to unlock their fleet’s full potential, and with its long list of powerful functions, the software is set to revolutionize the world of fleet management.

Fleet Cost & Care provides a wide range of software solutions for a variety of applications. “Our software solutions and our highly skilled staff are the cornerstone of our business,” the software company says. “We serve businesses of all sizes in the crane & rigging and heavy equipment industries. FCC’s software enables companies to improve internal operations by providing a centralized system that simplifies the way information flows through their business. FCC’s NexGen software and Atom mobile app have extensive quoting and reporting capabilities, they speed up invoicing and payroll and ensure safety and success throughout every aspect of fleet management. NexGen and Atom users experience increased productivity, saving time and money.”

The company makes use of over half a century worth of experience in fleet management and ownership. Their team is made up of industry experts and insiders who have worked in the crane and rigging industry for years. With the help of dedicated employees and partners, the company has successfully revolutionized the way fleets are managed over the years. For more information on crane management apps, visit Fleet Cost & Care’s website or contact their customer service representatives.


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