Fleet Cost & Care Stakes Its Claim As One Of The Most Highly Rated Fleet Software Companies In The Country

Fleet Cost & Care, a fleet management software and consultation company, is offering its services to the crane, rigging, and heavy equipment rental industry. Its software offers enough features for the company to stake its claim as one of the best fleet software companies in the country right now.

The company’s flagship products, NexGen and Atom, provide businesses the flexibility to manage their fleets as they see fit. Fleet Cost & Care’s software helps businesses automate the tasks that were once painfully slow to carry out because of their manual nature. Tasks that were carried out manually also had the tendency to be error prone. As a result, the sales and dispatch team might have spent more time cleaning up errors than doing the work that actually makes the business its revenue. Fleet Cost & Care’s robust software suite provides all the features needed to carry out a litany of tasks such as complete safety inspection checklists, take pictures, collect signatures on the job site, and many others.

The company’s software keeps interoperability in mind, making it easy to integrate into any existing accounting system, with no need to overhaul processes that are already in place. This means that a business that uses Fleet Cost & Care’s fleet management software will find that carrying out tasks like sending invoices and processing payroll is much faster than before.

Fleet Cost & Care understands that a business’s needs continue to evolve with time as technology progresses and opens up new avenues for generating revenue. That is why the company claims that it is growing the fleet sales software suite as its client’s requirements change. Fleet Cost & Care has factored in plans for future growth of the software. This upgrade can include switching to a newer technology stack, continuous improvement of the software’s user experience by listening to feedback from its customers, and constantly tweaking the reporting capabilities of the software to make the analytics work for the customer.

Fleet Cost & Care has decades of experience in the equipment rental industry. It also has a team of over 15 software developers and product owners who leverage the company’s domain knowledge to deliver the highest quality user experience possible. Some crucial tasks that the company’s software can do for its customers are quote and schedule jobs, track assets, equipment, parts, and inventory, create work orders for service and preventative maintenance, document safety and risk management tasks, capture labor and complete payroll, conduct executive reporting, branch reporting, forecasting, and much more.

Fleet Cost & Care’s Atom is a mobile fleet management app that integrates with its other solutions to give customers the flexibility to manage their system remotely. It brings convenience directly to those who are out in the field such as dispatchers, sales managers, operators, and service managers. Workers can even input their labor for the day, sending the information directly to the office staff for processing. Atom is available for both the Android and Apple ecosystems, giving the customer a choice of hardware. Atom directly syncs the work with NexGen, the company’s other flagship product that is recommended for use by office staff. This automatic sync speeds up areas that are traditionally bottlenecked because of multiple dependencies such as payroll. Atom also reduces the reliance on paperwork, as it can handle almost all processes digitally from anywhere.

In a statement from the company, its president Jeff Curran says, “Our experience as fleet management consultants is deep and extensive. We are using the lessons we have learned over the years to create software that provides an end-to-end service. We want to our services to be the last piece of the puzzle that you need to excel in your business. We achieve that by not only delivering intuitive and feature rich software but also supplementing it with expert advice, and training for new customers. We strive to keep the customer experience foremost because our success depends on their success. We have done well so far and we encourage business owners to go through our list of services to see if we are a suitable match for their needs.”


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