Fleet Cost & Care Discuss The Benefits Of Using Fleet Management Software

Detroit, Michigan-based Fleet Cost & Care is reaching out to business owners across the US to discuss the benefits that a mobile fleet management app can bring to their organization. This insight, the company asserts, can help them identify new ways in which they may streamline their operations.

Optimization, management and organization of a fleet of vehicles are all subjects of deep concern for any business that relies on work vehicles to carry out their daily operations. It is common knowledge that those who can manage their vehicles effectively are practically guaranteed to succeed in their business. While the importance of mobile fleet management apps is already well recognized within the industry, simply acknowledging that they can aid a company’s success falls far short of describing their true potential.

Jeff Curran, President of Fleet Cost & Care, says, "Using a fleet management app can help you build the most optimum route for your work vehicles. You can monitor their trajectory, the time it takes for them to travel from one point to another and how many stops they make along the way. The ease with which you can view, analyze and change these factors allows you to try out new routes that may be an improvement to the previous ones. Changes can be made at a moment's notice and then communicated to your workers. The GPS function will allow you to track their movements and record the time it takes them to complete these new routes. You will have all of the information at your disposal to compare and make changes as you see fit, helping you build towards success."

The fleet management software that the company offers is specifically aimed at the analysis and storage of this useful data, with many features included that help facilitate its evaluation. This is far from its only utility, however, as Fleet Cost & Care states that their software is filled with options to delegate, aid communication and micro-manage various aspects of a vehicle fleet.

One of the benefits that their fleet management app offers is the ability to grant immediate access to data points. This allows the individual in charge to assign work to their employees from their tablet or smartphone. Companies that are heavily involved with construction, equipment rental or any other field that requires a commercial fleet of vehicles can benefit greatly from this, quickly delegating new tasks or changing the current ones with minimal inconvenience.

These apps can also help business owners work on their worker reliability, as it allows them to monitor their employees to ensure that they are performing assigned tasks within the specified parameters. This can be confirmed to a highly specific degree, going as far as gathering information on whether or not the workers are following safety measures in real-time. The vehicle's speed, whether or not they are obeying traffic signs and signals and whether they are generally being courteous to other people who may be on the road at the same time can all be monitored.

Curran says, "You can even go as far as tracking the fuel usage of your fleet, which could potentially help you save a significant amount of money, or quickly identify any vehicle that has gone out of their route. Our fleet management apps allow you to see which vehicles are expending the most fuel on their daily rounds."

As fleet management consultants, and one of the most reputable software companies in Detroit, Fleet Cost & Care states that they can help businesses of any kind implement, setup and begin to make the most out of a fleet management app. The company utilizes the Atom and NexGen apps, each of which caters to the needs of different types of businesses with unique features. These apps, along with the guidance of the company's team of industry experts, allows Fleet Cost & Care to guarantee their clients the best experience that any provider of fleet management software can offer.


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