Flatiron District, New York Divorce Lawyer Juan Luciano Talks About Contested And Uncontested Divorce

Flatiron District, New York - In a newly released article, New York divorce lawyer Juan Luciano discusses the difference between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce. The divorce lawyer also adds that going through a divorce can be challenging and stressful for both spouses.

According to the Flatiron District, New York divorce lawyer Juan Luciano, “You and your spouse may have decided to divorce. For the most part, this is a completely new situation for you. It may be filled with emotion and stress, despite whether you are still friendly with each other or not.”

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The lawyer adds that getting a divorce can be similar to being married in a way that both spouses will have to think about their assets and their family. He also emphasizes that having a skilled divorce lawyer throughout the process is very important.

The lawyer also explains in the article that there are two options for a divorce. An uncontested divorce is one way. This type of divorce is where both spouses can reach a compromise and come to a mutual agreement on issues such as child custody and assets.

The New York divorce attorney says “An uncontested divorce will often be a more friendly option to a couple’s split. Nevertheless, even with these kinds of divorces, many couples with children find these compromises difficult.”

Furthermore, the divorce lawyer adds that an uncontested divorce could also result in a contested one. He also emphasizes the importance of having a skilled New York lawyer to help negotiate the best possible outcome of the divorce case.

The lawyer also discusses contested divorce. In the article, the divorce lawyer says that a contested divorce is where a couple cannot agree on the most important issues. Each party will negotiate terms with a lawyer to include their children, residential or commercial property, and private monetary obligations.

Divorce attorney Juan Luciano explains in the article that most divorce cases go through this route because there are a lot of things that a couple needs to settle. Going through a contested divorce can be complicated especially if there is child custody involved.

Lastly, the divorce lawyer emphasizes that it’s very important to have a skilled divorce attorney who can help guide the spouse with the next steps and how their choices can make an impact on the case.

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