Flat Roof Repair Provider In Brampton Informs Community About Insurance Claims

Cox Roofing Systems, a commercial roof repair services provider in Brampton, Ontario, has recently published a blog post that gives clients, particularly business owners, tips about insurance claims.

If one has been hit by a terrible snow storm recently or any harsh weather condition that has passed, one cannot help but worry if they have flat roofing. In order to help the community, the company has provided six tips for handling insurance claims for roofing in their blog post. The post gives the reader six easy steps to follow in order to make the insurance claim process a smoother one. The company makes it a point to acknowledge that storms and unpredictable weather conditions can take a toll on a commercial flat roof and a client would have to be aware of the right things they need to do to make the best of a bad situation.

Initial roof damage inspection is the first tip in the post. Once a storm has passed, this is the time to inspect and observe one’s roof for obvious damages. One may assign the business’ maintenance or utility personnel to check for visible damages. Checking for issues such as fallen branches can even be done from ground level. The post advises clients how to check for damage without undertaking the risk of climbing onto the roof. The company suggests that the client should, “Check the ceiling, flooring, walls, windows, gutters, and other accessible parts of the building. If they notice something unusual such as marks, dents, streaks, or leaks, instruct your staff to take photos or videos as part of the documentation process.” Learn more here: flat roof repair in Brampton.

The second step is to call a roofing contractor to gain a better understanding of what the roofing needs are. Experienced roofers are trained to inspect and check damages thoroughly. “Their extensive knowledge in dealing with storm damage enables them to come up with a detailed recommendation of whether to pursue an insurance claim or go ahead with the minor repairs,” says one of the company’s customers.

The roofing company will also prepare a thorough register of damages that will include measurements, dates, historical background, and any relevant matters. This report is shared with the client, which will be useful when applying for a flat roof insurance claim. A client can also give the contractor any evidence they may have gathered — which may help pinpoint areas which need urgent attention.

The next step is to simply call and set an appointment with the roof insurance service provider. The post reminds homeowners not to forget about asking for all the necessary requirements so that they will not have to go back and forth. They must present all the documents and evidence related to the storm damage at this meeting. A client may also use the roofing company’s recommendations as evidence for a claim, but photographic evidence is best. They must also be aware of the differences in insurance policies, as some are comprehensive enough but others may be limited to certain types of damage.

They must then continue until a contract has been made. This will signify that there is an agreement in place between the client, the roofing company and the insurance provider. The roofing contractor will not and cannot begin any construction without a properly signed agreement. Some roofing companies can finance the roofing services, particularly in urgent cases, but all services should fall within the terms of the contract.

The final step is to move forward with the actual repairs. A licensed roofing company will know how to work within a contract and should always consult or update the client for any development, requirement, or day-to-day updates. The post highlights that only trained roofing professionals have the license to climb up buildings (no matter how high they are). One may read more tips on handling claims on the Cox Roofing Systems blog post.

It is crucial that one must choose a local roofing contractor that understands the whole process. It is difficult to work with someone who is inexperienced about a flat roof insurance claim as this may result in worsening a client’s stress and inconvenience. To find out more about Cox Roofing Systems, one may visit their website or contact them via phone and email.


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