Five Things a Planner for Direct Sellers Should Have, According to Step Into Success

Step Into Success, based in Lakeland, MI, has recently published a blog post that explains the 5 things a planner for direct sellers should have. First, a planner must provide a way for the direct seller to get organized. Second, it should allow the planner to set and monitor monthly goals, yearly goals, and long-term goals. Third, the direct seller should be able to use the planner to proactively schedule and plan events and appointments. Fourth, it should have a vision board to allow a person to view and visualize his or her goals and dreams. And fifth, a planner should allow for the listing of things to do for daily plans and activities.

Basically, a planner must provide ways in which a direct seller can be more productive using an easily accessible tool. Thus, it should contain long-term goals and these should be broken down into yearly and monthly goals. For each monthly goal, a daily to do list should be easily written down and referred to at any time so that a direct seller can check and make adjustments to daily goals and monthly goals.

Belinda Ellsworth, owner of Step Into Success, says, “The planner is one of the three things you need to have in 2021 if you expect to be successful this year. Without the right tools, all the action in the world won't get you consistent outcomes; your results will be all over the place. Without action, having the most up to date and expensive tools sitting on the shelf or on your computer means nothing other than you wasting money on tools you are not using.”

In another blog post, Step Into Success explains the 3 must have tools for 2021 for direct sellers. The first must-have tool is, of course, the planner. This could be a digital planner or a paper planner, or a combination of both. It ought to be the first thing that direct seller takes a look at every morning. This planner should be aligned with what is important with the user and his or her philosophies. Belinda Ellsworth points out that while a digital planner tends to make a person reactive in his or her business, a paper planner can help a person be proactive. That is why Belinda Ellsworth is offering 2021 planner specifically designed for direct sellers.

A second must-have tool for the direct seller is a content calendar. These are the content posted on social media and having a content calendar allows the direct seller to keep track of the content that have already been published and on what particular dates. This particular tool allows the direct seller to organize the different posts that are out there, whether it is content that was shared or created.

And the third must-have tool is a plan of action. This should include the yearly plan, which is the direct seller’s overall business strategy. It is also important to have monthly benchmarks, such as the Power Hour™, which is designed to focus on four income producing activities. The plan should also include at least three things to focus on every week, and daily activities, including a list of things to do that are geared towards achieving the weekly, monthly, and annual goals.

The 2021 planner for direct sellers can be obtained through the Step Into Success website. Also available is a 76-page gratitude journal that can be used by direct sellers to keep a positive attitude by helping them focus on things they can be grateful for. There is also a mini version of the gratitude journal that is available in sets of 10 only for a limited time. There is also an accessory bundle that includes a set of acrylic markers, sticker sheets, post it pads for things to do, and a pop-in bookmark or ruler. Also available is a leader planning guide.

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