Fishers Exterminator Offering Tick Control Solutions

Ticks can be a frustrating pest to deal with, especially for homes with pets. Bed Bug Removal Specialists has announced that they are offering tick control solutions to homes in the Fishers, IN area. The company may specialize in bed bugs, but also has a team of pros that are experienced with a variety of the local pests found in the Hamilton County area.

We believe that it helps us serve our customers better when we have trained technicians specializing in various pests. This allows us to deliver exceptional and effective solutions for the toughest of pest issues,” the business owner stated. “Therefore, we have technicians that specialize in bed bugs, but we also have technicians that specialize in ticks and other pests.

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Ticks are a larger problem for certain properties. Those that are close to a wooded area typically experience more tick issues versus homes that are right in the middle of town. Other properties at higher risk are those that commonly have wild animals traipsing through their yard at any given time.

There are many wild animals that easily bring in fleas and ticks from the woods to residential properties throughout Fishers, Indiana. The ticks end up in your yard and before you know it, they’re infesting your pets. However, we also like to point out that a home doesn’t need to have pets to obtain a tick issue,” the owner added. “You could easily take them inside without knowing after walking through your yard.

The company advises that when having a property treated for ticks, it’s important that any pets in the home also be treated at the same time. Otherwise, the problem will not go away. There are also many preventative treatments available for pets to protect against fleas and ticks and this helps significantly in avoiding a serious problem with these pests.

Ticks can also transfer disease to humans,” the owner said. “Lyme disease originates from ticks and is a serious concern. The blacklegged tick is known for carrying the bacterium that causes this disease and symptoms often include headache, fatigue, fever and even a skin rash. That’s just one more reason why we advise home owners to protect their family and pets from these particular pests.

To learn more about how Bed Bug Removal Specialists can help with ticks or a different pest, residents can contact them online or by phone. They provide free estimates for the majority of their pest control services.


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