Fishers Bed Bug Experts Offering Effective Solutions to Residents

When it comes to bed bugs the majority of people are going to require the assistance of a professional to get any real results. Fishers residents now have a new reliable professional that they can call when facing a bed bug issue – Bed Bug Busters. They service many areas in Hamilton County, Indiana.

“Our team of exterminators are expertly trained and skilled to handle a bed bug situation of any size,” the manager said. “Sometimes it can take a bit of time to eliminate this pest if you’re dealing with an infestation. When you catch the issue at the start, it’s much easier and takes fewer applications. This saves the property owner time and money, aside from avoiding a very serious matter.”

commercial bed bug treatments

Bed bugs get around through means of hitchhiking and they’re really great at it. When a person visits an establishment or maybe uses public transit, and bed bugs are present, they will hitch a ride on the clothing or luggage, and goes home with the person. Other ways bed bugs make their way into a property is through used items and furniture.

“We always encourage Fishers residents to inspect used items before bringing them inside their home or business. You never know what’s hiding out; could be bed bugs, could be cockroaches, you just never know if you don’t inspect it. It does not matter how old or new it looks, doing a quick inspection and checking every crack and crevice for bed bugs is highly beneficial,” the manager added.

Bed Bug Busters offers Fishers businesses and homes superior treatment solutions for bed bugs. They use a 12-pt checklist to ensure that every aspect is covered to determine how serious the problem is and advise the best course of action.

“We actually customize our treatment plans to the individual property we are treating. Just because you have the same bug as somebody else, doesn’t mean the process to treat them will be identical. We find that this helps us to really get off on the right foot and ensure that we cover every area that may need to be treated,” the manager said.

As a commercial property having bed bugs can cause serious implications for the brand’s reputation. No business wants to experience any pest problem, let alone a bed bug issue. Bed Bug Busters offers customized bed bug service plans for businesses in the Hamilton County area as well.

To learn more or to schedule a bed bug inspection the company can be reached via their website or by phone. They have skilled professionals that know how to help property owners get relief from this very annoying pest. Call Bed Bug Busters today to find out more about their services.


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