FirstAidShoppe Rebrands As SAFETON

First aid and safety brand, a division of Quick Aid LLC, is pleased to announce its transition to While its name and appearance will change, the business remains committed to providing the best in first aid supplies. Its expansion into the SAFETON brand will see the addition of adventure safety products to its lineup.

"We couldn't be more excited to offer our customers a greater variety of safety options," explains Anna Sebban, CEO. "We have a number of innovative products in the pipeline that will offer outdoor enthusiasts greater safety and flexibility in their adventuring. Our new products will be also complemented by an update in our website design. We can't wait for our customers to see what we have in the works."

Since its inception, Quick Aid’s First Aid Shoppe has been a resource for anyone in need of first aid solutions. The site has provided a robust selection of home and auto first aid kits, masks, hand sanitizer, CPR masks, and other first aid and safety equipment. The mission is simple: provide high quality, easy-to-use safety supplies for the home, car, and workplace.

The addition of the SAFETON brand will expand the shop's selection to include adventure safety products. Keep an eye on the site for more information about upcoming product releases.

Alongside its rebranding, plans a complete site overhaul. The new layout will improve the customer experience and make room for the brand's expansion. While the website will have a fresh new look, loyal customers can still expect the same variety of first aid kits and supplies to be on offer.

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