First Time Homebuyers & Veterans Advised To Contact IA Mortgage Specialist John Cornish

The Davenport, IA based Mortgage Lender John Cornish is encouraging first time homebuyers and veterans to seek his assistance in their search for a new home. Considered by many to be among the top Quad Cities mortgage specialists, Cornish has long established his passion for helping people in such circumstances. Notably, he also welcomes inquiries from current homeowners who are interested in refinancing their home for cash or better rates.

Finding a home is always a daunting task, given the myriad variables that buyers need to consider before they decide to make a down payment and commit to living in that location for the foreseeable future. While experience might help certain individuals and families get more familiar with the process, most find it to be difficult and stressful in every instance. As such, this issue is felt most by those who have a combination of some financial insecurity as well as inexperience — as is usually the case for those who are in the process of buying their first home.

John Cornish - Mortgage Lender

Fortunately for Iowa residents, there is one name they can count on to help alleviate the financial burden of buying a new home: John Cornish, the Branch Manager & VP Mortgage Lending at Key Mortgage Group. Over the course of his nearly two decades in the field, Cornish has made it his mission to sit down with his clients and carry out an in-depth review of their situation as well as understand what they seek out of home ownership. In brief, he invites his clients to share what they are hoping to achieve, a goal which he then makes his own. As part of this process, he offers clients the benefit of his enormous expertise and years of experience in the field, giving them an opportunity to examine their options with a critical eye.

The same is true for veterans who are looking for the best mortgage rate for their circumstances. While there are many paths they can take, not all opportunities are created equal, and only a specialist who immerses themselves in every aspect of the industry and how it applies to these communities is able to identify the best way forward. John Cornish is one such expert who has proven his commitment to this duty time and time again, and he is always eager to help veterans finance their future home.

Cornish explains that good decisions can only be made with good (and up-to-date) information. As a result, he takes an active role in educating his clients as well as his community on industry trends and numerous other subjects that may help them take the right path for their goals and lifestyle. He often shares such insight through his Facebook page, which can be found here: Key Mortgage Group has also partnered with Homeside to improve the overall quality of their services, and maintaining a transparent relationship with clients remains one of their core tenets.

Cornish’s services have proven of tremendous use to various parties, with realtors as well as prospective homeowners expressing praise for his assistance. As one realtor’s testimonial proudly shared on the Homeside website states, “I have been working with John and his team for years. I love referring clients to them because I always know they will receive top notch service and our transactions will close on time. He is always on top of what is going on in the industry which makes my job much easier and creates a smooth transaction for all our clients.”

His work with new buyers has earned him many repeat clients as well. An excerpt from a borrower’s testimonial shares that, “My husband and I have worked with John for over six years. He helped us buy our first house and our second house! John is unmatched in his knowledge of all things mortgage. He takes an intimidating process like home buying and makes it simple and easy. He works hard for us and has always gotten our family the right mortgage for our needs. He is honest, caring and loyal. He is efficient and gets things done.”

As with his Facebook page, Cornish often publishes informative videos on Youtube that aim to educate the community on various aspects of the industry. Clients and other interested parties are welcome to utilize these resources at their convenience, and they may contact John Cornish directly if they wish to follow up on any further inquiries or schedule a consultation.


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