First Time Home Buyers Receive Financial Assistance and Guidance With Louie Lends

First time home buyers in Des Moines, IA will be pleased to know that they can get the financial assistance they need to make their dream of owning a house a reality thanks to Louie Lends, a local mortgage broker. Louie Lends specializes in helping homeowners secure the funding they need to purchase a house and has already helped dozens of aspiring property owners secure funding for their dream homes over the years. Through a combination of access to a wide variety of funding options and a commitment to making the process of securing funds as simple as possible, Louie Lends has managed to become the top Des Moines mortgage broker. Visit them online at

“Mortgages-made-easy is key to my business,” says Louie Lends. “If someone wants to apply for their first mortgage, VA assistance, FHA assistance or conventional mortgage, I want the process to be simple and smooth for them. Purchasing a home doesn’t need to be intimidating or confusing. Everyone has questions during the home buying process, and while my first job is to be a mortgage lender you can trust, I also want to lay out a plan for your future homes purchases. Does getting a fixed rate mortgage make sense for you based upon your goals? Can you utilize assistance programs that help first time home buyers qualify for a mortgage? How do current interest rates impact your mortgage payments? These are just a snapshot of the questions I help answer during our meetings as we lay out your plan and find the appropriate mortgage that matches your goals now and in the future.”

The process of buying a house can be stressful, especially if the buyer does not have access to the necessary funds to actually pay for the house. With the help of a mortgage broker like Louie Lends, the process becomes much easier. The company takes into account the many factors that go into deciding how much financial aid an applicant qualifies for, finds the most appropriate lender and helps potential homeowners get the funds they need. Read more here:

Louie Lends is known to many as a ‘lender for life.’ This is because the mortgage broker often ends up being any given customer’s trusted broker due to the excellent customer service they experience. Louie Wickett of Louie Lends has been in the industry for nearly a decade, and during those years his business has been 100% based on customer and realtor referrals. He takes pride in educating his customers about the process of securing funds to buy a home or on the process of refinancing. Wickett shares that he derives joy from forming close bonds with his customers, and he views customers as members of a family that he is committed to serving.

A number of people have worked with Louie Wickett and found themselves so impressed with his work that they left positive feedback on numerous platforms. Jordan Gray says in a recent 5-Star Google review, “I went to Louis as he was a good mentor years back when I first started in the mortgage industry. He is the type of guy who will always do the right thing, even when no one is looking. I was fully aware of everything at all times throughout the process, and never felt bad reaching out for clarification. Hayley rounds out the team nicely too! Thank you both for everything. Smooth and easy! And I heard this home buying stuff is hard?”

Another happy client who was able to buy a home thanks to the help of Louie Wickett shares that, “Louie and his whole team made the process seamless with little work on our part. Very organized and professional. It was broken down well, so we understood the whole process at each step. This is the first time I’ve been this informed during an application for financial assistance. Louie also worked to ensure we got the best interest rate with the terms we wanted. Highly recommend Louie and his team!”

Those interested in learning more about the options at their disposal as they pursue home ownership are welcome to contact Louie Wickett of Louie Lends to get started. More information can also be found here:


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