First Pest Control of Glendale Merger Notice

First Pest Control of Glendale had a board meeting on Thursday of last week. In the meeting, the board voted and decided to merge with another local company in Glendale, California. The meeting resulted in a 7/10 majority vote for the merger.

One board member was interviewed saying, “The decision of the board to merge with the unnamed local company is great for First Pest Control of Glendale. Our client base and employee base is ever growing and this merger is going to provide the necessary resources to boost this growth even further. Our team of exterminators will get all new equipment and trucks and a larger warehouse to work out of. This will make our services even more effective and quicker than they already are.

The company has noticed an influx of pest infestations in Los Angeles county. This morning the president of First Pest Control of Glendale said on a radio broadcast interview, “There has been a huge increase in pest infestations in the area. The most problematic pests that we are noticing are cockroaches, bed bugs, and fleas. We believe this growing problem is due to the bugs becoming more resistant to everyday treatments like DIY methods or over-the-counter products. Cockroaches are especially resilient and can be very adaptable to their environment.

The merger provides the company with almost double the resources they currently have. All newly acquired equipment is, at the most, 2 years old. The company received 3 new trucks that will allow the exterminators to get to any house in the Glendale area quickly. Each van has plenty of storage that makes it easy to organize and get to any tool the professionals might need to handle a pest.

The company says they are available 8 to 6 through the week and from 9 to 5 on weekends. They are closed on Sunday. Their customer service team is among the best in the area and can be reached by telephone or via their website at Their services are custom built to provide the most efficient processes for resolving any pest issue, big or small.


For more information about First Pest Control of Glendale, contact the company here:

First Pest Control of Glendale
First Pest Control of Glendale
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