First Hybrid Learning School Soon To Open In Dallas

The city of Dallas is proud to announce that they are about to open Hybrid Future School, their very first hybrid learning school. According to an article published by ABC 8, the learning model set that will be used in the Dallas Hybrid Future School had already been approved in September of last year. The Dallas Independent School District Board of Trustees held a meeting to discuss and vote on a hybrid learning model to be used for high school education. This was due to the fact that more people than expected chose to have their children attend in-person classes over online classes. In response to this, a hybrid model was created and approved.

As many may have expected, a number of online commenters made some jokes regarding the announcement. One of these comments asked, “So what can my hybrid learn there?” in jest, to which they quickly received an equally comedic reply: “Get off Reddit, dad!” These are only jokes, however, as hybrid learning does not pertain to the education of hybrids.

Instead, it refers to the usage of a combination of in-person and virtual education in order to meet the demand for in-person education despite the pandemic. Under the hybrid learning model that will be implemented at Dallas Hybrid Future School, students will attend in-person classes two times a week and undergo remote learning for three days a week. Classes at the Hybrid Future School are set to start in the fall and will be held at the former Stephen J. Hay School in the Turtle Creek and Oak Lawn area.

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