Fire Damage Contractors Now Available In Phoenix

AZ-based Dry Star Restoration is pleased to announce that they are offering fire damage restoration services to residents of Mesa and the surrounding areas. They are professional fire damage contractors in Phoenix who have occupied a place as frontrunners in fire damage restoration since 2012.

Home fires are extremely devastating regardless of the size of the structure affected by the fire. They can cause damages that are worth thousands of dollars and can lead to the loss of several irreplaceable items. Firefighters are responsible for putting out the flames, but the actual job of recovery is done after the flames have been extinguished. This job must be left to professionals who have the correct tools, skills and experience needed to restore the affected structures to their pre-conflagration condition.

Dry Star Restoration has the premier team for providing fire damage restoration services. They make it a point to respond quickly and effectively in order to make sure that as much property as possible is recovered. They deodorize the prevalent and toxic smell of smoke, even going so far as to neutralize the acidic soot that is often produced after the flames have been put out. If soot and smoke damage are not neutralized, the deterioration and corrosion of building components and other important assets can occur more quickly. Their fire restoration process is made up of six steps: safety check, containment, preservation, decontamination, restoration and reconditioning.

In addition to fire damage restoration, Dry Star Restoration also provides emergency asbestos removal in Phoenix. Asbestos may be heavily regulated today, but it was still used in many old properties. People may unconsciously inhale asbestos as this material cannot be seen, tasted or smelled. Exposure to asbestos also does not cause immediate symptoms. However, asbestos particles never dissolve inside people’s bodies and are not easy to expel either. Over time, asbestos can cause several medical complications, such as inflammation, scarring and even genetic damage. When people suspect that their property has asbestos, it is recommended for them to hire certified asbestos abatement professionals, such as those in Dry Star Restoration, to properly remove the asbestos.

Due to the company’s expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, Dry Star Restoration has received extremely positive reviews from many of their clients. Andie Hendrickson says in a 5-Star Google review, “One of our kids let the upstairs bathtub overflow while we were out of town, causing water damage to the bedroom underneath. We were referred to DryStar by a friend and, within minutes of us reaching out, we were on the phone with Abbie and she had Spears and Ryan out ASAP. Spears and Ryan assessed the situation and even came back to work with our insurance adjuster, with whom they worked very well with.”

The review continues, “Spears and Ryan have answered our endless questions (even our quarantine addled "What day is it again?"). They are prompt, helpful, knowledgeable, totally non-judgmental of all our craziness, patient and ‘southern-boy-to-his-mama’ level polite. I want to hug them or shake their hands, but they're abiding by the pandemic guidelines. Thank you, Abbie, Spears and Ryan and the DryStar team. You have made a really awful situation for us considerably less stressful. We aren't done yet but we have confidence in your ability to see this to the end with minimal fuss. Thank you.”

Stephanie S. says in another 5-Star Google review, “I can't emphasize how amazing the guys were from the very beginning of the mess I came home to. Recommended by a friend, I called them right away because of some damage from my bathroom that extended into my daughter’s room. Robert's very responsive and got a team over right away. The guys were very polite and helped me through the process. They cleaned up the mess and left some dryers and stuff to dry my home. After that was done, a project manager came in to handle the repairs. Martin was the best. He explained everything to me so I could understand and had my home put back together sooner than I could've imagined. The flooring options they had were great, and I am pleased with the results. They helped turn this nightmare into a somewhat easy process. I would recommend them to everybody I know.”

Dry Star Restoration offers a wide range of services that also include water damage restoration, storm repair and sewage clean-up. Those interested can learn more about Dry Star Restoration and their capabilities by heading over to the company’s website.


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