Finnteriors Construction Services Discusses Home Theater Systems

St. Louis, MO based Finnteriors Construction Services would like to reach out to the wider public and explain how they can transform a home into a more cosy and comfortable residence by installing quality home theater systems.

The company states that it completely makes sense to transform any empty space in a home into a cozy cinema. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of people to stay indoors, limiting their leisure activities, such as watching movies in cinemas. This increased the demand for indoor movie viewing experiences with family and close friends. However, a simple TV setup in a living room or bedroom will not be able to produce the same experience that a movie theater can provide. The chills, dark surroundings, and intense sound effects that a cinema offers to viewers create a completely different atmosphere than watching a movie through a broken speaker in a well-lit living room. Learn more here:

Finnteriors Construction Services is pleased to share some tips on building a home theater system that can mimic the actual experience of watching movies inside a cinema.

First and foremost, an ideal home theater should be about 20 feet long by 13 feet wide. It can be a wing off the family room, a closed space above the living room or a bedroom of at least 12 x 12 feet. A proper home movie theater is more than just a sofa and a big screen. It should be built for the exclusive purpose of being a movie theater and should not be shared with other activities as this would reduce the effect that it can potentially have. An effective home theater should be located somewhere far from the kitchen as well, as cooking sounds and smells may disturb the viewers inside the space. It should also be separated from the living room where the light is always on and everyone, especially children, usually reside. A spare bedroom may be used as a movie theater, given that its size is enough to create a proper distance between the viewers and the screen. A video projector should approximately be 14 feet away from viewers to create a comfortable and healthy movie watching environment. Learn more here:

Homeowners should also take note that floor, ceiling, exterior and interior wall insulation is necessary to create a realistic sound effect that is similar to a normal movie cinema. This may be done by installing sound barriers (with an ideal rating of R30) to ensure that the home movie theater will be sound proof both inside and outside the room. Homeowners may also install sound barriers for additional sound-proofing.

Planning and sketching the interior design of the home movie theater is necessary to create the best possible experience that it can offer. The location of the sound system, video projector, lights and seating arrangement must be planned carefully.

After conceptualizing the design of the room, the speakers, projector and the screen may now be installed. There are different types of video players, projectors and other home theater equipment that people may choose based on their own preferences and budget. Installing theater-style seating is also recommended for an enjoyable and comfortable movie-watching experience.

Before installing a new home theater system, it is necessary to consult a trusted construction and home remodeling company to prevent any costly mistakes. Homeowners in St. Louis, MO can count on Finnteriors Construction Services when it comes to quality and affordable construction services in the area.

Finnteriors Construction Services is a locally owned-and-operated business that provides construction and home remodeling services to the residents of St. Louis, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, Town and Country, Wildwood and the surrounding areas. For over 20 years, they have provided their customers with exceptional general contracting services at fair and competitive prices. Finnteriors Construction Services also has several local, national and international accreditations, and they are full members of several prestigious organizations, such as Home Builders Association, National Association of Home Builders, Building Owners and Managers Association International and so on.

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