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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), an online resource for finding drug and alcohol rehab centers, wants to warn people about the dangers of smoking meth and addiction to this particular drug. With articles like “How to Smoke Meth and the Dangers of Smoking Meth” they want to emphasize the perspective that aims to balance the realities of people using this risky substance, with the knowledge of both the very real dangers and treatment alternatives.

Methamphetamine, which is popularly known as crystal meth, is a dangerous stimulant that affects the user’s central nervous system. Unfortunately, meth is commonly available and is an affordable street drug that has highly addictive characteristics, including energetic and euphoric effects. These characteristics have made meth one of the most addictive drugs worldwide.

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Previously, before meth became a street drug, it was originally derived from amphetamine. At that time, it was mainly used in nasal inhalers and decongestants. Amphetamine can also be found in medicines that are used to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. However, there is a difference between amphetamine and meth. Meth is much more powerful and widely misused. Meth abuse worsened when it became easily available on the streets at an affordable price.

It should be noted that meth is commonly produced in makeshift labs using a number of toxic chemicals, such as fertilizer, acetone, lithium, decongestants, ether, ammonia, iodine, and hydrochloric acid. Just like other illegal drugs, meth can also be laced with other dangerous substances such as fentanyl.

One of the typical ways of using meth is by smoking. The best way to smoke meth is with a pipe or “flute” but it is often smoked using just a foil or other makeshift objects. Using localized heat, it can be transformed into gaseous form and this is inhaled into the lungs, providing the user with a fast and intense high. The quick euphoric effects has made meth a favorite among many users with the effects lasting for up to 12 hours.

There are a number of signs of meth addiction. Users often have a collection of objects that they use to smoke meth, including: hollowed out ink pens; rolled up paper or money; foil squares; glass pipes or bongs; steel wool; altered plastic bottles; altered light bulbs; spoons with burn marks on the base; miscellaneous lighters around their place; vaping devices; and dab rigs.

With regards to the user, some signs to look for are: high and erratic energy; uncontrollable movements; constant teeth grinding; dilated pupils; chills; altered moods; anxiety; impaired thinking or confusion; itching and scratching; lack of appetite; excessive weight loss; and facial sores.

Some of the dangers of smoking meth are its long term effects. These include: permanent impairment of brain function; loss of memory; violent outbursts; rotting of teeth or gums; paranoia; hallucinations; lack of hygiene; repeated movements; overdose; death; worsening of mental disorders; and suicide.

There is also the danger of tweaking, which occurs when meth users keep smoking meth as a way to avoid withdrawal symptoms. This means that they will keep using meth every few hours to maintain their high. The result is that users usually lack sleep for three to 15 days. Usage of high levels of meth combined with sleep deprivation results into heightened irritability and paranoia, including violent behavior, jerky movements, darting eyes, and a quivering voice. Meth users also experience a significant rise in libido, increasing the risk of uninhibited sexual behavior that may lead to STD.

Treatment for meth addiction starts with a full-scale detox. In some cases, an outpatient rehab treatment may be sufficient but for severe cases, an inpatient treatment facility may be required.

By positioning itself as a transparent, no-nonsense resource for those seeking information regarding both drugs themselves and treatment for use disorders that arise around them, Find Addiction Rehabs seeks to provide a credible voice for those needing to know more about substance use disorders and addictive behaviors.

Those who would like to know learn more about addiction to meth and other drugs can check out their drug rehab FAQs page or they can visit the Find Addiction Rehabs website or contact them on the telephone.


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