Financial Provider Bravafi Is Promoting Safe And Easy Ways To Pay For An Unexpected Funeral

Nationwide financial provider Bravafi is encouraging readers to do their research and only opt for safe and easy ways to pay for an unexpected funeral. The company is drawing attention to a recently published blog post that lists the best ways to arrange funds to pay for a funeral when the money is tight. The referenced blog post can be read at the link:

The days following a loved one’s passing can be difficult and stressful. One has to come to terms with the fact that a person who was once a big part of their life is no more and that they are going to have to learn to get by without ever getting to see or talk to them again. It is, therefore, completely natural to feel overwhelmed and distraught following a death in the family or a close circle of friends.

However, this grief can be compounded if one doesn’t have the resources to give their loved one a proper farewell. Funeral costs are reaching record heights these days. The national median cost of a funeral, including viewing and burial, was almost $8000 in 2021. This amount of money cannot be easily arranged on a whim by a large part of the country’s population. In fact, according to a financial security index survey from Bankrate, only 39 percent of American households would be able to cover an emergency $1000 expense. This stark reality means that a traditional funeral is out of reach for a significant portion of the country.

Bravafi acknowledges the difficult situation that many people face when arranging a funeral for their loved ones and is proposing a few methods that they can try to collect the required money. The first tip is to find a funeral home that offers services that can fit within one’s budget. Some funeral homes offer options such as cremations which may cost significantly less than burials. If one insists on a burial, some funeral homes might also provide affordable options such as cheaper caskets. Funeral costs cover a wide spectrum and it can help to do some research and look at all options before deciding to go with one. It is also recommended to avoid funeral homes that try to upsell their services as it is grossly unethical to emotionally manipulate someone’s grief in order to eke out more money from them. Readers can head over to the original blog post to learn more about the precautions to take while choosing a funeral home.

The next consideration is to look at the deceased person’s life insurance policy and try to determine whether they had provisions in their plan for final expenses. Some funeral directors will be experienced in working with insurance agencies to use the money in the policy to pay for funeral expenses. The deceased person’s employer might have more information about the kind of insurance they were covered by. Family members of people who worked in the armed forces or other branches of the government might be entitled to certain burial benefits such as monetary assistance or free burial space in designated cemeteries.

If the aforementioned methods have been considered, the family should dip in their personal funds before looking for other avenues to raise money. This can include liquidating assets such as collector’s items, unused vehicles, non-retirement funds, stocks, or bonds. The goal should be to try to arrange money by selling assets that one already has instead of maxing out credit cards or going into debt. Asking friends and extended family can also be an option as they might be the ones who feel the closest bond to the person who has passed away and wouldn’t mind contributing to giving them a proper funeral. Another modern-day solution recommended by the blog post is turning to crowd-funding platforms such as GoFundMe where people can be swayed to contribute to a compelling story and cause.

Bravafi encourages readers to click here to read the original article and find out more about arranging money for their loved one’s funeral.


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