Financial Help Offered To Atlanta Residents During The Pandemic

Georgia based Bravafi - Atlanta is pleased to share that they are helping local residents find financial aid during the pandemic. Bravafi’s services have helped hundreds of people maintain access to adequate funds in times of crisis. Interested parties can also visit Bravafi to learn more.

The pandemic has had a serious impact on the economy. Many Atlanta locals have found themselves without a job or with reduced hours or reduced pay, meaning that the funds available for their day to day lives are barely enough. If an emergency arises that requires money to be dealt with, a lack of resources will likely make the situation deteriorate even further. A representative for Bravafi says, “Many people immediately think of traditional options when they need some extra cash, but there are many other alternatives that could be a better — and easier — fit for their needs.”

As the company points out, banks and other traditional options are most people’s first thought when they find themselves in need of emergency funds. While these institutions can be useful, it must be noted that they tend to have lengthy processes and a number of strict requirements before they are willing to hand out funds. In an emergency situation, no one has the time to wait a few days while banks verify information, check credit scores and consider every other variable that comprises the gauntlet between making an application and actually receiving cash. Bravafi offers their community a practical alternative that is much faster, and it can be a great way for Atlanta residents to easily get the money they need.

Bravafi offers financial aid based on vehicle titles. Not only is this a more efficient process, it also does not require that applicants have a perfect credit score, ensuring that a much larger number of people can be eligible for it. When a customer applies for financial aid, Bravafi will use their vehicle’s title as collateral to provide the funds they need. Once the applicant has fully completed their payments, they will instantly get the title to their vehicle back.

Bravafi also assures that their financial aid packages are carefully customized to suit the needs of each individual applicant. No one has to worry about not having enough funds or breaking their budget if they have to apply for financial aid. With their team of financial experts, Bravafi is able to carefully consider each applicant’s unique situation and create packages that include affordable interest rates, no hidden fees or upfront costs and flexible payment options.

Applying to get financial aid from Bravafi is simple and straightforward. Atlanta residents simply need to visit the company’s website and use the built-in form to provide some basic information about themselves and their vehicle. Once this information is verified, they will ask for supporting documents (such as ID or driver’s license, proof of income and car title). A customer will often find out that they received approval in as little as 15 minutes, and they are crucially not obligated to accept the offer if it is not to their liking. Should they accept, however, they will have the money in their hand within the next 24 hours.

While the amount of money each applicant will receive ultimately depends on the market value of their vehicle, Bravafi explains that they accept a large variety of vehicle titles as collateral. On top of cars, titles for trucks, SUVs, boats, jet-skis and recreational vehicles are also considered (and sometimes even other modes of transportation can apply). Bravafi will also take into consideration the amount an applicant needs and their ability to repay it when they calculate how much cash will be offered. However, the maximum amount Bravafi will provide in any case is $50,000.

When the money is in an applicant’s hands, they are free to use it as they see fit. Given how devastating the pandemic has been, Bravafi understands that there are many reasons why an individual or family might need some extra money. Whether the money is needed for rent, food or a vacation, the company does not discriminate. Bravafi does not take into account the reason why an applicant needs extra funds when deciding whether they will be approved.

Anyone who wants to request financial aid can go here to get started. Further inquiries may be directed to Bravafi - Atlanta either via the contact form on their website or directly through their phone line.


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