Family Lawyer in Pensacola, FL is Recognizing Volvo Cars for Increasing Paid Parental Leave for all Employees

Pensacola, Fla. – Craig A. Vigodsky, a family lawyer in Pensacola, FL, is passionate about helping families through difficult times. He takes notice when changes are made around the world relating to family issues and family law. This month, he is taking a moment to recognize Volvo Cars for implementing a new paid parental leave policy that is now one of the most comprehensive policies in the automotive industry.

Volvo Cars is a Swedish automaker that manufactures sport utility vehicles, hatchbacks, station wagons, and sedans. They want to become an all-electric vehicle manufacturer by the year 2030, so it is important that they acquire and retain talented employees. To make this happen, Volvo Cars recently changed its paid parental leave policy for employees. Their new policy will allow parents, both fathers, and mothers, 24 weeks of paid parental leave.

In an interview, Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said to CNBS: “It’s something we believe is setting a new standard in the business. We do this, not to introduce some kind of new favorable benefit to our employees, we do it more because we think it’s good for our company. We will be more attractive as an employer. There’s a competition going on for talent.”

Craig A. Vigodsky is delighted to see this improvement in paid parental leave that many Volvo employees will enjoy. He agrees with Samuelsson in that this change will not only be a benefit to employees themselves but also to the company’s reputation and appeal.

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