Family Lawyer in Pensacola, FL Discusses the Recent Spike in Divorce Rates in Relation to COVID-19

Family Lawyer in Pensacola, FL

Pensacola, Fla. — The United States has recently experienced a significant rise in divorce rates nationwide. Craig A. Vigodsky, a family lawyer in Pensacola, FL, explains that this spike may be tied to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Divorce is oftentimes related to several underlying issues and strains. Many believe that the slew of external stresses brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the recent divorce rate spike. This is likely as the effects from the pandemic vary extensively, creating numerous pain points that have made their way into spousal relationships.

Probably the most obvious aspect of the pandemic that has put strains on married couples was the shutdown. During the peak of the shutdown, most businesses were closed for in-person transactions, countless people were working from home, routine events and activities were canceled, and many people were self-quarantining. This was unfavorable to most people, resulting in moods and attitudes shifting negatively as time went by. Especially for couples who were already experiencing issues prior to the pandemic, as well as for newly-weds who had not yet learned to navigate marital hardship.

A few less-obvious reasons as to why the pandemic could have caused strains on marriages are excessive concern for the future, new financial burdens, fear of contracting the virus, and the added responsibility of homeschooling children. These stresses can cause more damage to a relationship than one may realize. When a person is actively worrying, they tend to focus excessively on whatever it is that is causing the distressing emotion, leaving a shortage of room in their mind to deal with the regular responsibilities of life, such as daily investing in their spousal relationship. This can be especially disastrous when coupled with the addition of brand-new responsibilities, such as the ones previously mentioned: homeschooling and money-allocation decisions.

Unfortunately, for many couples, each of these new strains and responsibilities added up too quickly and took a toll on their relationship, causing them to make the decision to file for divorce.

Many consider Craig A. Vigodsky to be a leading divorce attorney in Pensacola, FL because of his extensive experience practicing law, coupled with his dedication to each client. Having worked countless divorce cases, Vigodsky understands the different ways in which COVID-19 has added extra strain on relationships, and he is ready and available to help those who need it the most. For more information, give Craig Vigodsky a call at (850) 912-8520 or visit him online at


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