Falmouth Maine Dentist Helps Community Achieve Their Dream Smiles

ME based Casco Bay Smiles would like to reach out to Falmouth residents who may be in search of a dentist who can help them achieve the perfect smile. Using advanced technologies, the Casco Bay Smiles team provides patients with the dental procedures and services they need to improve their oral health. Casco Bay Smiles’ dentists are always happy to help, and anyone can find out more about the many services they offer on the practice’s website.

“Whatever you might have experienced at previous dental visits, it will be nothing like coming to us,” says Casco Bay Smiles. “Here, Dr. Rob McVety and the rest of our team always go above and beyond for our patients when it comes to both customer service and clinical care. When you step through our doors, you’ll be pampered from check-in to checkout and every moment in between. You’re guaranteed to walk out with a gorgeous, healthy smile!”

The dental clinic is different in that it is patient-focused. At Casco Bay Smiles, they always put their patients first, ensuring that all their needs and preferences are always met. Dr. McVety understands that great dental care is always tailored to the needs of a specific patient, so he takes the time to customize his treatment plans for each individual. Whether the patient is in need of routine care or something more, Dr. McVety makes sure that whatever care the patient receives is uniquely designed to meet their specific needs.

Casco Bay Smiles treats patients in a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. They are fully aware of how nervous some of their visitors can be due to their visit, so the team takes steps to ensure that every patient is made to feel comfortable at all times on the premises. They also provide all the amenities a patient might need in order to feel safe and comfortable. At Casco Bay Smiles, patients enjoy warm neck wraps, eye pillows, aromatherapy patches and paraffin hand treatments on top of some of the best dental care in Falmouth. They can also watch a movie on one of the dental clinic’s HDTVs or simply get lost in their own thoughts using the provided noise canceling headphones.

Technology plays a huge role in the clinic’s work as well. The dental office makes it a point to procure any instrument that has the potential to make a patient’s experience more comfortable, precise and effective. This includes lasers, CBCT scanners and other highly advanced pieces of equipment that serve make every patient’s visit to the dentist more bearable. See more here: https://sites.google.com/view/cascobaysmiles/home.

A number of people have left great reviews of the clinic. Lindsey M. shares in their Google review, “This practice is very well-equipped and efficient. The staff is friendly, and I was taken in quickly. They were able to get an appointment for me within two weeks when I was a new patient and my permanent retainer was broken, which I couldn’t find anywhere else. I will be returning for all of my routine care and any additional dental issues I have. Dr. McVety does an excellent job and should be very proud of his practice.”

Susan J. also says, “My experience was spa-like! I went for Whitening and was so surprised to have lavender heat placed on my neck, heat wax mitts for my hands (that was out of this world). I have never fallen asleep in a dentist chair before! I received so much more than I expected. I had no intention of changing dentists either, but after being educated about a few issues I knew I had, I will be. My current dentist has not mentioned my receding gums, perhaps because they don't have the technology to detect or correct? I am interested in keeping my beautiful teeth and will be going to this group of professional, nice beautiful people to assist me. I am not one to spend time writing a review, but had to this time. My teeth look really great after the Whitening!”

For more information visit the following link: https://cascobaysmiles.business.site/. The clinic encourages their community to reach out to their team if they have any concerns regarding their dental health.


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