Extended Care Recovery: Better For Those Recovering From Addiction

NSR of Asheville, North Carolina, would like to reach out to those who may be looking for ways to beat their addictions. NSR of Asheville recommends a treatment model called Extended Care Recovery, a method which has been found to be more effective than other, more common Sober Living Homes, Halfway Houses, or Recovery Housing programs alone. NSR of Asheville is more, it is Extended Care. Visit their site at https://nsrofasheville.org/.

“Extended Care is more than sober living, it is the key to recovery,” says NSR of Asheville. “Our innovative Extended Care Model provides valuable services and programs which result in higher rates of success than traditional sober living homes. We have a Peer Support Specialist, Case Workers on staff, and an array of programs and services we customize to individual needs. Some programs and services include 12 Steps, Adventure Programs, Transportation, Job Skills Training, Life Skills Learning, Accessibility to Intensive Outpatient Therapy, and a whole lot more. Our successful Extended Care Model combined with the peaceful atmosphere in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC, leads to overall well-being. It takes more than just sober living housing to produce long term success, it takes Extended Care. Reach out and let us show you what a program like ours can do for you.”

The most important part of any recovery journey is the first few months and NSR of Asheville places great emphasis on this stage of their patients’ journeys. By leveraging the power of community, structure, and self-love, NSR of Asheville makes sustainable sobriety a reality for their patients. Patients receive support in the form of both clinical therapies and clinical relationships. Clinical therapy is a crucial part of the recovery process and NSR of Asheville offers a variety of trusted therapies to help their patients face all the challenges associated with addiction recovery. Many of the staff members have had their own battles with addiction. This means that they can empathize with others strugging with addiction in ways that someone who has never dealt with addiction may not be able to. Read more about their Addiction Support Services at https://nsrofasheville.org/addiction-support-services/.

NSR of Asheville's recovery program is led by Susan Stader, the Executive Director. She is a licensed professional counselor and licensed clinical addictions specialist. Susan is supported by a professional and caring staff that includes Certified Substance Use Disorder Counselors and Peer Support Specialists, Case Managers, Life Skills Consultants, and a Career Coordinator. Residents have access to staff onsite at all times which ensures they are fully integrated into NSR of Asheville’s Recovery Community. The team includes all of their residents who live and work together in their supportive recovery community. Those who are further along in their journey act as mentors to newer residents and every resident has an AA or NA sponsor to support them in their 12 step work.

Many of NSR of Asheville’s residents have gone through the program, acheived sobriety, and gone on to write testimonials praising the Extended Care Recovery facility. One resident says about their experience at NSR of Asheville that, “NSR of Asheville was exactly what I needed in the early stages of my recovery! I spent so many years of my life hiding behind a bottle and I couldn’t take it anymore! Susan and her staff helped me to get back on my feet and start the process of moving on and loving life without the use of alcohol or drugs. After my three months here, I chose to stay in Asheville and continue to work on myself with their guidance. I couldn’t imagine my life today if I was still stuck in my old ways, Thank you, NSR of Asheville!"

One patient’s parent shares that, “My son completed three months of the treatment program, surrounded by kind, caring and compassionate staff, with all the skill sets required of true professionals to guide and assist him in living a productive, healthy, sober, and happy life. He flourished and started to smile and enjoy life again during those three months. He now is starting to build a career for himself and is enjoying the normal things in life that had been missing for so many years. As a family we have been blessed to have been connected with NSR of Asheville. Thank you.”

NSR of Asheville’s Extended Care Services have been shown to be highly effective when it comes to treating addiction. Get started with NSR of Asheville at the following link: https://nsrofasheville.org/get-started/.


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