Express STD Testing Now Offering Accurate Hepatitis C Test

It's now possible to test for Hepatitis C anonymously.

Express STD Testing is an STD testing company that has dedicated its time and resources to providing affordable STD tests anonymously. This means that the person getting tested and the medical people handling the are the only ones who will know about the test results. The company is now providing Hepatitis C tests as part of the package.

According to the site, “Our testing centers use hepatitis C tests that are approved by the FDA. These are tests screen for antibodies that are created by the body to counter the virus. The test uses a small blood sample which means you will not have to go through uncomfortable processes of undressing or swabbing. All our tests are accurate with a 100% sensitivity rate and 99.99% specificity.”

They also explained why it is important to talk to a specialist, “There might be no need for treatment regardless of whether the infection is acute or chronic. Since its symptoms can pass as the flu, there are many people who are not aware that they have a hepatitis C infection. You can easily manage hepatitis C using the right diet, adequate rest, and taking lots of fluids. It is also important to talk to a liver specialist to check if the liver has been damaged. If left untreated, a hepatitis C infection can lead to liver disease or liver failure. Early diagnosis allows for better management and avoids complications.”

For more information about hepatitis C testing and other STDs, visit the Express STD Testing site.


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Jack Lombardi