Express STD Testing Announces Service To Order A Std Test Online

Express STD Testing, a provider of tests for sexually transmitted infections, has announced that they provide the ability to order a STD test online. Express STD testing offers same day service and at home STD testing kits, so anyone can get a 100% private test for sexually transmitted infections or diseases from the comfort of their own. All tests provided by Express STD Testing are FDA approved, and they can provide fast testing with results within one or two days. With more than 4500 testing centers, they have locations local to many people in many places.

If someone is interested in getting tests from Express STD Testing, they can place an order discreetly online or by phone, through a process that is fast, secure and easy. Customers ordering lab tests online or by phone are able to pick from an extensive menu of tests, or order a full panel lab screening. Next, if they want same day testing, the person must visit one of the 4500 local testing centers, with no appointment necessary. Results are usually processed within 24-72 hours of a visit, and results can be accessed through a secure patient login online.

Secure, safe testing for sexually transmitted infections can help people take control of their sexual health. Knowing one’s status with various sexually transmitted infections is one way to take control of one’s own sexual health, and this can be achieved through FDA approved tests from Express STD Testing. Testing centers are CLIA certified and located all across the country. The company is also required to comply with HIPPA regulations, so medical information will be secure. Express STD Testing guarantees the privacy of all patients who use their services. They do not charge insurance, so patients can trust that their insurance company will not have access to their test results. Results will not be added to anyone’s permanent medical records so each individual who uses their testing service can have control of exactly who has the information.

Express STD Testing offers comprehensive test panels, testing for all major sexually transmitted infections, as well as many that are considered minor and don’t get tested for as often. The company’s website promises that time spent at the testing center will be no more than just a few minutes, and nobody will ask what customers are there for. They also have doctors available to consult with customers who receive positive results, who can prescribe treatment or refer patients to a specialist if they require more specialized treatment. They offer a simple, convenient process for anyone who wants to get tested for sexually transmitted infections. The company also offers a variety of payment options, accepting major credit cards, cashier’s check, PayPal, Health Savings Accounts, Flex Spending Accounts, as well as pre-paid debit and gift cards. As a way of protecting the sensitive medical information of their customers, Express STD Testing does not accept insurance.

The most comprehensive test from Express STD Testing is the 10 test panel, which tests for a variety of sexually transmitted infections. The 10 test panel includes tests for chlamydia, gonorrhea, as well as hepatitis A, B and C. They also test for both oral herpes and genital herpes, the HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses, respectively. A test for syphilis is also included, as well as multiple tests for HIV. They use the FDA approved 4th generation dual antibody/antigen test, as well as a modern technology HIV test which checks for genetic material of the RNA. This modern technology test has the advantage that it can detect HIV within 9 days of infection, where antibodies and antigens don’t generally appear in the bloodstream for a couple of months.

Anyone interested in getting tested for sexually transmitted infections can contact Express STD Testing or visit their website to order a test. In addition to having discreet and affordable testing, with rapid results turnaround, they have many doctors available to take patients through the next steps if their STD test results should come back positive.


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