Expert Roofer Encourages Homeowners to be Proactive with Spring Roofing & Siding Repair in Quad Cities Iowa

Quality Control Restoration, a company that specializes in residential roofing construction and repair, urges homeowners in the Bettendorf, Iowa area to be very proactive when it comes to getting spring roof repairs done. That way homeowners can assure themselves that their home’s roof is ready to stand up to the wet spring weather that inevitably will come to the area. The company is even currently offering its roof inspection services at no charge, so homeowners can find out the current condition of their roofs. If an inspection reveals that roof repairs are necessary, the reputable residential roofing teams at Quality Control Restoration have the know-how and equipment necessary to get those repairs done the right way.

Larry Anderson, co-owner of Quality Control Restoration, says, “One of the most important structures on any home is its roof. That’s because not only does it protect the majority of a home’s other important structures from inclement weather but it also helps keep water away from where it does not belong. That’s why it’s so essential for a homeowner to make sure that their roof is kept in a condition where it’s always watertight. This is also the reason why roof repairs and replacements are something that should never be put off.”

The company co-owner went on to say that sometimes the fact that a roof needs a repair is very obvious and other times a roof problem may not be so evident. But this doesn’t mean that undetected roof conditions aren’t just as problematic as obvious roof damage. He says that it’s his experience that it’s sometimes the smallest roof leaks that cause the biggest problems. This is because of the way they slowly but consistently feed water into a home’s sensitive structural parts and even onto the contents in an attic. This highlights the need for homeowners to schedule a spring roof inspection even if they do not see any physical signs of damage when they look up at their roofs. He also mentioned that quick scheduling of roof inspections should be done after a home goes through a storm that contains large size hail or exceedingly strong winds. More on the impact a strong storm can have on a roof can be seen on Quality Control Restoration’s Instagram page at

Anderson stated that when one of their roofing experts performs an inspection, they will put their many years of experience to use finding problems that others might miss. They will do this by walking the entire roof and checking the condition of the roof covering, looking for signs of visible damage, and taking a close look at all of the most common spots where leaks occur. Their inspector will also look for soft spots and dips in the roof that may indicate a roof structural problem. He says that once they complete a free roofing inspection, they will either give the roof a clean bill of health or inform the homeowner as to what repairs need to be made. A homeowner will also be provided with an accurate and detailed estimate as to how Quality Control Restoration will resolve the issues that were discovered with their roof. The company co-owner also emphasized that spring roof inspections are even more important for homeowners with aging roofs that are over 10-15 years old. Especially if these roofs are covered by shingles.

Anderson went on to say that they offer a variety of different residential roof repair services and at no time are they better prepared to do them in the spring. It was also mentioned by him that they don’t consider any type of roof repair to be too big or small in scope for them to take on and they will not shy away from even the most difficult roof repair tasks. Among their roof repair specialties are whole roof replacements and leak detection & resolution. He says that they also respond very quickly to homeowners that have had their roofs damaged by hail, damaging winds, or have had trees come down on them. The company co-owner added that they will even help homeowners that have had their roofs damaged by a severe storm with any subsequent insurance claims they intend to make.

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