Experienced Qui Tam Lawyer, Arvind Khurana, Explains What a Qui Tam Lawsuit Is and How Consulting a Whistleblower Attorney Can Help

New York, NY - Medicare and Medicaid fraud is a serious problem in the healthcare industry. Fraud may occur if anyone knowingly falsifies a request for payment or submits a false claim for reimbursement to the government. If a healthcare worker or another individual becomes aware of fraudulent activity, they may wish to contact an experienced qui tam lawyer who can help file a lawsuit on behalf of the government. A successful lawsuit may help the government recover funds, and earn the whistleblower a financial reward. Experienced whistleblower attorney Arvind Bob Khurana, has recently published a blog post explaining how one may go about filing a qui tam lawsuit.

“Qui Tam litigation involves complex and specific filing and pleading requirements," said Khurana. "It is important that the case that is presented to the government has strong evidence in order to persuade the government to get involved with the investigation. Having a strong case will increase the chances that the whistleblower receives an award for coming forward with knowledge of the fraud through the qui tam case. There are many factors to consider when dealing with a whistleblower case. Anyone who is knowledgeable of fraud should carefully consider the risks vs the benefits of bringing a case. Proper legal representation will help protect your rights, help fight for a well-deserved reward, and will make sure you are completely comfortable with the case before taking the next step. Successfully cases can make a difference to everyone.”

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In the blog post, Khurana discusses who can file a qui tam case and how filing a claim can work. Even though a qui tam case will be filed in Court, the case is kept confidential (sealed) at the time it is filed. There is a period of time after the suit is filed that the government will review the case. After investigation and review, the government could choose to further support the case. The reward given to the whistleblower will be a percentage of the government’s recovery.

“We understand that people are putting themselves at risk when they come to us with a qui tam case. Because of that, we have great respect for whistleblowers and put forth significant effort in each and every case. We will take the time to thoroughly examine each case and to understand the facts. We will only take on cases that we fully believe will be successful in the end.”


Khurana and his firm believe that fraudulent Medicare activity can be injurious to the American people. He believes that anyone who may have information or witnessed any kind of activity that may be eligible for a case under the False Claims Act should seek help from an experienced qui tam lawyer that can fight for their protection, ensure anonymity, and help reward their courage with well-deserved compensation. The goal of the firm is to pursue healthcare fraud, while making sure their clients are completely comfortable and understand their obligations, each and every step of the way. To learn more about Khurana Law Firm, P.C and how Khurana and his team can help pursue justice against wrongdoers committing Medicare or Medicaid Fraud, visit their website at https://medicarewhistleblowercenter.com/what-is-a-qui-tam-lawsuit/


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