Experienced Company That Provides Garage Door Repairs in Calgary Advises Against Doing Dangerous DIY Spring Repairs

Advantage Garage Doors is one of the Calgary, Alberta area’s most experienced garage door service providers. As such, people should take notice when this company advises home and business owners not to try doing DIY repairs on their garage door springs. The company wanted to share this advice because they say that handling garage door springs improperly during repairs can be extremely dangerous. They say that garage door spring repairs should only be done by certified professionals like the ones that they employ.

The company spokesperson, Laura Fine, says, “Your garage door may look like a simple operating device but in reality, it takes hundreds of parts operating in unison to make it work. Of those parts, your garage door springs play a very important role. That’s because the tension on them makes it easier for the opener to pull up your garage door and set it back down. This greatly decreases the wear and tear on your garage door opener. The drawback to this critical tension that’s placed on your garage door springs, is that it also makes them very dangerous components to work on. If not handled properly, springs under tension can cause serious injury. So, it’s always best to let garage door professionals like us do your spring repairs for you. Our services are also affordably priced so it’s never worth taking the risk of performing garage door spring repairs yourself.”

Fine went on to mention that not only do their techs know how to work on garage door springs safely, they also are well-trained when it comes to a variety of different spring repairs. She says their techs are excellent at evaluating the status of garage door springs and then deciding what steps to take to keep those springs in proper working order. Sometimes that involves adjusting the tension on the springs and other times it may take spring replacement to restore confidence in a garage doors proper operation. The company spokesperson added that they also work on both major types of garage door springs. This includes extension springs that are placed above the track on both sides of the garage door. She said they also do repairs on torsion springs. Garage door systems with these types of springs use just a single spring that is located directly above the garage door. Fine went on to add that they can usually replace a garage door spring in a single trip to a home or business because they carry the most common replacement springs right on their service vehicles.

The company spokesperson also pointed out that they do other garage door repairs services too. This includes track adjustments, safety sensor replacements, and garage door opener troubleshooting. A complete list of the different garage door repairs that the company does can be seen here at https://www.advantagegd.com/garage-door-repair.

Advantage Garage Doors is also a company that gets many favorable reviews from those customers they have provided garage door repair services too. Linda Bryksa wrote, “Absolutely awesome! Our vehicle was trapped in the garage and they came out right away. They took care of everything in a professional, courteous manner. Very reasonably priced. Highly recommended!” In another 5-star review, Matthew Larocque stated, “Advantage Garage Doors was fantastic. They came and gave a quote and replaced the garage door on the same day! They are very affordable and very professional. It was a great experience doing business with them. I will definitely pass their name forward to other clients.” These reviews were posted on the company’s Google Maps Listing. All 53 reviews that have been posted there rate this garage door services provider an exceptional 5 out of 5-stars.

According to the company spokesperson, they also supply and install a wide variety of garage door choices. This includes decorative wood and heavily insulated new and replacement garage doors. More information on the company’s garage door installations can be viewed here at https://www.advantagegd.com/garage-door-installation. Fine added that Advantage Garage Doors also offers free garage door safety inspections and estimates.


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