Executive Landscape & Maintenance Is Offering Landscaping And Lawn Care Services In Oregon

Executive Landscape & Maintenance is helping homeowners and commercial property owners in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon make their property look inviting and appealing. The company’s landscaping and lawn care services are highly sought after and well-reviewed by local clients.

Executive Landscape & Maintenance can help homeowners and property owners leverage the space and natural beauty of their property to its maximum potential. The company’s landscaping services can make any property that has a lot of plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees in its front or back yard shed its unkempt look and turn the outdoor areas into a well-maintained, well-groomed, and attractive oasis that will be a hit with guests and those living on the property alike.

A well-maintained lawn will not only help a home stand out and be the pride of its neighborhood but it can also net the homeowner a greater return on their property investment as homes that are regularly looked after fetch a higher value when they are put up for sale in the real estate market. Keeping grass trimmed and watered is an endeavor requiring low time and effort that nonetheless makes a huge difference to the visual appeal and aesthetics of a property. Another way to keep a home looking at its best all year round is to keep the trees and shrubs trimmed and shaped such that any growths and extremities that venture out beyond the designated bounds of the ideal desired plant shape are removed. This helps the property owners achieve a clean look that makes the shrubs and trees feel like an extension of the house.

Many homes also choose to make space for and grow flower beds that are looked after meticulously with attention and care. They are a labor of love and they are planted in such a way to reflect the moods and wishes of the person who is doing the planting. The experts at Executive Landscape & Maintenance will perform all essential upkeep tasks such as watering, weed pulling, stem trimming, providing the soil with the right fertilizer, and more to preserve the vision of the person maintaining the flower bed while giving it the care and nutrition required to become the best version of itself.

The company’s landscaping packages include services such as grass and lawn mowing, tree trimming, and flower pruning. The company’s lawn care services come in three weekly packages - Basic, Platinum, and Executive. The Basic package starts at $80 a month and includes lawn mowing, lawn edging, trimming, and leaf blowing. The Platinum package starts at $130 a month and includes all of the services from the Basic package and adds weeding, and care for flower beds. The Executive package starts at $170 a month and includes all of the services from the Platinum package and adds bush trimming, pruning, hedging, and fertilization.

A spokesperson for Executive Landscape & Maintenance talks about its landscaping and lawn care services by saying, “Our landscaping and lawn care services are the best in the region because we pay attention to detail on any job site that we visit as if we were maintaining our own homes. We adhere to every tiny rule in the book to make sure that your home’s or property’s landscaping is expertly designed and cared for, leaving no room for substandard work quality. This means every commercial property owner or homeowner that avails of our services can expect a transformation of their landscaping once we are done going over every blade of grass with a fine-tooth comb and resolving the property’s landscaping and lawn care problems to the best of our ability. So if you have a property in Eugene or Springfield that is in desperate need of professional attention, give Executive Landscape & Maintenance a call.”

The locally owned and operated company is run by Myles Prevost who founded it in 2008. The company hires Eugene and Springfield locals who have a background in horticulture. The company can be contacted at the phone number (541) 579-5733 or using a contact form on its website at https://executivescape.com/.


For more information about Executive Landscape & Maintenance, contact the company here:

Executive Landscape & Maintenance
Miles Provost
596 Blackfoot Ave., Eugene, OR 97404, USA