Excel Restoration Service Inc. Provides Flooded Basement Cleanup

McHenry, IL based Excel Restoration Service Inc. is pleased to announce that they are offering water damage repair services for homeowners who are dealing with a flooded basement.

As the company and their past customers are aware, having a flooded basement is a stressful situation to be in. However, these are situations that affected homeowners and businesses cannot afford to ignore. In fact, it is much better to deal with flooded basements sooner rather than later, as any delay has the potential to lead to further damages down the line. These damages will be even harder to deal with compared to the initial situation. The main issue is that few know how to address such a problem — and even fewer have the tools to do so.

flooded basement cleanup

Fortunately, Excel Restoration Service Inc. is more than happy to help their customers deal with flooded basements and any other water damage situations they may be facing. They have a team of professional technicians who have all been thoroughly trained to deal with flooding emergencies. Their water damage experts rely on their skills, knowledge and equipment to properly assess and mitigate the damage caused to any property. Some of the flood damage restoration equipment they use includes hygrometer sensors, water extractors, moisture meters, infrared cameras, dehumidifiers, air movers, industrial sump pumps and so on. Those dealing with flooding situations can rely on Excel Restoration Service Inc. to provide top quality flooded basement cleanup services.

Excel Restoration Service Inc. also provides a variety of other damage restoration services, including fire damage restoration and mold remediation. More information about their services can be found on their website.

Excel Restoration Service Inc. is a family-owned-and-operated water and fire damage mitigation company based in McHenry & Lake County of Illinois. They have been serving their community for more than 20 years and have established themselves as the premier damage restoration company in the area. During their years of service, they have helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses recover from water damage. This is due to their dedication to helping their customers deal with all sorts of home damage situations. They do not see their customers as merely sources of income, but as family members who they are proud to assist.

Thanks to the expertise and experience that they have built up over two decades and counting, Excel Restoration Service Inc. is capable of dealing with a very wide range of home damage situations. Their technicians have all been trained to properly assess and handle each customer’s unique circumstances. They are also equipped with the latest cleaning materials and equipment, high-powered extraction tools more to help ensure that each job is properly handled. Despite their extensive experience and expertise, Excel Restoration Service Inc. does not look at any job as too small or too big. In fact, they do their best in any job given to them.

Excel Restoration Service Inc. has been consistently commended for the quality of the services they provide. Dane Hunter says in a 5-Star Google review, “After a very pleasant phone call with Brandon at Excel Restoration, he came over to inspect my water damaged wall beneath my bathroom sink. I was expecting it to be a much larger problem, and I was anticipating needing to spend thousands in repairs and restoration. After Brandon did an inspection of the mold in the drywall, it turns out it will be a much easier fix than I anticipated. Brandon explained exactly what needed to be done and what steps I needed to take to fix the problem. He was incredibly helpful and professional, and I felt like he really wanted the best and cheapest outcome for me. After my experience, I will forever recommend Excel Restoration to anyone.”

Michele Dubach says in another 5-Star Google review, “Excel was recommended to me by my realtor. I spoke with Justin, the owner. He was very professional. Branden, his technician, was out the next day to help repair wood stairs in a home we were getting ready to list. Branden was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would use their services again in the future.”

Homeowners and businesses that are in need of top quality water damage restoration services may check out Excel Restoration Service Inc.’s website for more details. They may contact the company directly to discuss their needs as well.


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