Ethos Spa Skin And Laser Center In New Jersey Is Offering Tattoo Removal Services Using PicoSure Laser Technology

Ethos Spa Skin and Laser Center, a medical spa in Summit, New Jersey is offering tattoo removal services for its customers. The spa claims that it has performed thousands of tattoo removal procedures using advanced laser technology that makes the tattoo removal procedure, safer and easier than ever before.

Ethos Spa Skin and Laser Center uses the PicoSure laser system to safely and effectively remove tattoos. This is a type of picosecond laser which means that it emits light pulses very quickly, usually at speeds of one-trillionth of a second. The PicoSure laser technology system works by sending its ultra-fast pulses of energy into the tattooed skin. The laser breaks the tattoo inks into tiny, dust-like ink particles. The lymph system then sends fluid to the area to flush away the ink so it can be absorbed by the body and expelled naturally. Each laser treatment breaks the ink into smaller and smaller particles. In effect, the ink will seem to be disappearing, but it is simply being absorbed and eliminated by the body.

Ethos Spa Tattoo Removal

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on many factors, including the age and size of the tattoo, the ink colors, and the patient’s skin type. The PicoSure laser treatment system used by Ethos Spa is effective on all ink colors, including blues, greens, and blacks. It is also effective on tattoos that have been previously treated through other means. The system used is designed to work only on the ink in the tattoo. It will not harm the surrounding tissue. The laser system usually requires fewer treatment sessions than with traditional lasers, but the recipient should still count on booking multiple sessions. Customers can find out more about the treatment by following the clinic’s Facebook page.

A good candidate for tattoo removal is someone who is in good health, is lighter-skinned, and has an old tattoo. The clinic recommends that people with compromised immune systems should wait until the system has returned to a normal, healthy state before undergoing tattoo removal treatments since the lymph system has to be in a good condition for eliminating the ink from the body. The more contrast between the tattoo ink color and the skin color, the better the results will be. This does not mean that tattoo removal won’t work on individuals with darker skin. It simply means that the procedure will go slower, as more treatments will be needed. Also, older tattoos are easier to remove.

The clinic says that it is rare for laser tattoo removal to leave a scar. However, if the application of the tattoo resulted in a scar, that scar will remain. Although the scar will not be eliminated by the laser system, any tattoo pigment within the scar will be treated by the laser system. Recipients can also opt to remove only a portion of the tattoo. Post-procedure, while at the spa, an antibiotic cream will be applied to the treated area, and then it will be covered with a sterile dressing for protection and to help prevent infection.

The PicoSure laser system is specially designed to remove tattoos, as well as acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles (such as crow’s feet), and pigmented lesions. The clinic says that minimal side effects from the procedure include swelling, redness, and slight blistering of the treated area. These side effects are normal and temporary. Many individuals report that the process of removing the tattoo is very similar to the process of getting the tattoo. There is discomfort, but it is generally bearable. However, there are some numbing options available to help diminish and alleviate pain during the procedure.

A review of the service by Melissa Cahill says “Extremely impressed with the physicians, lovely and welcoming staff...and the results!!! I have been coming here for 4 years, and highly recommend this entire team. They are meticulous in their approach, and both warm and professional. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would!” Customers can find more such reviews on the clinic’s GMB listing.


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