Estate Attorney Yana Feldman Announces New Service Area in Manhattan

Manhattan, New York -- Today, Yana Feldman, principal attorney of Estate Attorney Yana Feldman firm announced their new service area of Manhattan.

The estate planning attorney in Manhattan focuses on generational clients with regard to estate planning and elder law needs, as well protecting the legacy of children and grandchildren.

Estate Planning Lawyer In Manhattan

“Our new service area allows us to better serve clients in Manhattan and also look toward the future growth of our firm. Our entire team is passionate in our commitment to families, and we look forward to serving individuals in Manhattan to help them understand their future, their assets, and execute a plan that cares for their family’s generational needs,” Ms. Feldman said.

Yana Feldman, Esq. has practiced estate planning and elder law for over 15 years. After earning her undergraduate degree in anthropology at the University of Chicago, she went on to earn her Juris Doctor at Tulane Law School in New Orleans. She has since returned to her native New York where she has devoted her practice to estate planning and elder law since 2002.

Generational law is not just Ms. Feldman’s profession. It is her passion. She serves as the Legal Director of the Veneration Project, an organization whose mission is to build an intergenerational movement in anticipation and response to aging in America. They create environments and platforms for education and communication regarding planning for the aging process. She also serves as a legal volunteer for the Safe Passage Project, a nonprofit immigration service organization dedicated to the rights of refugees and immigrant children who face deportation.

At the law office of Estate Attorney Yana Feldman, the attorneys take the time to know and understand each client, often asking many questions before an initial. With this information, they inform clients of the options available, offer recommendations, and create a plan. The New York estate planning lawyer has learned over the years that it takes a team of knowledgeable, caring individuals to give each client the in-depth and caring attention that they need and deserve.

“I am very proud of the team we have built together and the extra care we take with our clients. Not only do we provide estate planning services but we also focus on long-term care and asset protection. We make sure each client completely understands and is comfortable with what is going on with their matters. We never hesitate to take a phone call and answer any questions or concerns, listening very carefully to what the client wants and advising them of things they may not have even considered. We look forward to bringing our highly individualized and compassionate way of serving clients to individuals in the Manhattan area,” said Ms. Feldman.

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