Essex Union Podiatry Sports Medicine Services Offered In New Jersey

Essex Union Podiatry, a foot and ankle care clinic in New Jersey is offering sports medicine podiatry for athletes, professionals, and casual sports players alike. They treat conditions such as athlete’s foot, Achilles tendonitis, bunions, calluses, flat feet, fractures, heel fissures, overuse injuries, sprains, and strains.

Dr. Jason Galante, one of the three physicians comprising Essex Union Podiatry says, “At Essex Union Podiatry, we understand that the demands of sports, their associated training, and other high-impact activities can have an adverse effect on your feet, ankles, and corresponding parts. Our patients benefit from our team approach to care when it comes to sports-related injuries and conditions of the foot and ankle. We specialize in sports medicine for people of all ages and activity levels, creating a customized treatment following your diagnosis to get you back in the game as quickly as possible. In addition, we also help design a prevention plan to educate you on how to avoid future injury and manage your pain going forward so that you can keep moving no matter what. We offer the most comprehensive range of sports medicine podiatry services.”

Sports medicine podiatry

The clinic has published foot maintenance tips in case of participation in sports and high-level activities. The center appeals to players to thoroughly wash and dry their feet at the end of each day. They encourage them to wear high-quality cotton socks so that the skin can breathe and moisture isn’t trapped. They also say that shoes should be durable, have the appropriate support, and protect the wearer’s feet properly.

A testimonial by Mike G. says about the center’s sports medicine facility, “I suffered a football injury during practice and I was so afraid I was going to miss the big game. Dr. Galante helped me get back on my feet just in time for the championship. He’s very professional and has a great personality!”

Another testimonial by B. L. Close talks about her experience with an injury on her ankle by saying, “I am currently a patient of Dr. Sarah E. Haller. Dr. H. operated on my right ankle for a fractured fibula & torn ligaments. I feel so fortunate to have found such a thorough, skilled/gifted physician to treat my ankle injury. I am very impressed w/Dr. Haller’s commitment to her patients & exceptional bedside manner. I was terrified by this sudden injury & clueless as to what to expect, but Dr. H’s ability/willingness to clarify the scope/course of treatment required calmed me as needed. Also, her ‘responsiveness’ to my issues has been far superior to my previous experiences with doctors.”

Essex Union Podiatry also offers other services related to foot care. They specialize in foot and ankle deformity correction where its physicians use the latest techniques to correct deformities of the foot and ankle with minimal downtime. They offer general podiatry onsite services for foot and ankle care following injury or illness with treatments, such as laser nail treatments and in-office procedures. They also offer trauma care where they treat foot-related and ankle-related trauma, including in-office X-rays. They also offer diabetic care for those who are at a higher risk of foot conditions due to the development of painful nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy. Its physicians specialize in the prevention and management of complications resulting from peripheral neuropathy to maintain healthy feet. They also offer full ankle replacement which is a service unique to their practice. They also have an on-staff nurse with specialized wound care training.

The clinic is comprised of three physicians: Dr. Jason Galante, Dr. Nancy Kaplan, and Dr. Sarah Haller. The clinic claims that each physician is highly trained in a broad range of specialties to fit the individualized podiatric needs of adults, children, and adolescents. The clinic has three locations in New Jersey at Rahway, Springfield, and Caldwell. Interest patients can follow the clinic on its Facebook page. The clinic can be reached at its phone number (973) 376-8210. There is also a contact form on the website to schedule an appointment.


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