Essex Union Podiatry Offers Foot & Ankle Care To Caldwell Community

Essex Union Podiatry, a practice based in Caldwell, NJ, is encouraging their community to get their feet and ankles checked out by a medical professional whenever an issue presents itself. While many may believe that small problems will go away on their own, the team at Essex Union Podiatry is well aware that this is not always the case, and they assert that the best remedy in such situations is to be cleared by a doctor before they have a chance to get any worse.

According to Dr. Jason P. Galante of Essex Union Podiatry, he and fellow physicians (Dr. Nancy Kaplan and Dr. Sarah Haller) are able to address a wide range of issues regarding the foot or ankle, including skin, bone and muscle conditions; injuries; deformities; complications brought about by diabetes and so on. Given the vast array of expertise and high-tech equipment they wield, their patients always find themselves in the best hands when they need treatment.

Dr. Galante from Essex Union Podiatry

The surgeon notes that many people tend to take their feet for granted. The muscles in their lower limbs are capable of taking their full body weight for extended periods, but this does not mean they cannot be exhausted or are able to function at full strength without risk of damage. Accidents and sudden trauma notwithstanding, this means that there are a host of ways by which a foot or ankle can deteriorate, and only a medical professional can address such issues before they escalate. It then follows that a specialist in this field would be able to approach any problem with a keener eye, uncovering options that a patient may not have found elsewhere.

Dr. Jason P. Galante is a double board-certified foot and ankle surgeon (by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and the American Board of Podiatric Medicine). His patients benefit greatly from the fact that he is one of the few physicians in New Jersey who has a great deal of experience with cosmetic foot and ankle surgical techniques, experience that allows him to resolve even tough deformities with minimal scarring. His focus, as with the rest of the team at Essex Union Podiatry, is on patient care and comfort, and this is why he makes it his mission to exhaust all possible non-surgical options before proceeding with any technique more invasive.

It is natural for members of a community to turn to one another when they need a quick word of advice, but this is not always advisable when the situation at hand involves a medical issue. However, there is one piece of advice that most (if not all) medical professionals will agree with, and that is to see a doctor when the need arises.

Likewise, an individual who has recently experienced an issue with their feet or ankles may not know where to go for the right sort of help. In these cases, they can turn to feedback and reviews from those who have received help from clinics in their area, and Essex Union Podiatry is no different.

Hyman Amidon’s 5-Star review on the clinic’s Google Maps listing, for instance, shares how they experienced a drastic decrease in their physical capabilities and sought help from the doctors at Essex Union Podiatry. Their review explains that, “I used to run long distances but shin splints got the better of me. I don’t hit as many miles as I used to but I decided to get it looked at anyway. I went to Essex Union Podiatry because I heard about their approach to chronic pain. I underwent therapy, and I can’t believe I’m starting to run 5 mile a day again. Thanks, guys — almost feels like a miracle.”

A more recent review from Ralph Kelly offers a similarly positive outlook of the clinic’s work, saying “Happy to get back to the clinic after the lockdowns. Definitely see a difference in my gait from regular visits vs. not visiting at all. I can completely credit this clinic for my quality of life improvements. Thank you so much to the amazing staff.”

As the review notes, Essex Union Podiatry remains open to patients despite the pandemic, but this does not mean that they are not taking the situation seriously. Patients are encouraged to call and make an appointment at their convenience (aside from possible emergencies), and the clinic is following all CDC guidelines in order to ensure the safety of their patients as well as their staff.

Further details are available on the clinic’s official website and Facebook page. Patients are also welcome to schedule appointments with Dr. Jason Galante, Dr. Nancy Kaplan or Dr. Sarah Haller to follow up on any additional concerns or inquiries regarding foot and ankle care.


For more information about Essex Union Podiatry, contact the company here:

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