Essex Union Podiatry Caldwell Announces that they are Currently Open for Business

Essex Union Podiatry wants the community to be aware that they are open and taking appointments. They are stringently following all CDC guidelines to minimize potential risk and provide quality care during this challenging time period. The clinic has three locations: one in Rahway, NJ, one in Springfield and one in Caldwell. There are three physicians with the group and they can deal with nearly any podiatry related need.

With services that range from bunion treatment to reconstructive surgery after an accident – whatever the foot related problems might be, there is very likely a service that Essex can do to help those who are suffering from it. From Plantar’s Fasciitis to an ingrown toenail, Essex will take the situation in hand and get a solution or plan of action underway. The clinic even treats frostbite, which can become a problem even in New Jersey.


Bone issues, tendon and ligament issues, and issues like Morton’s Neuromas or Bursitis can also cause misery for those attempting to deal with them. And with 26 bones in a foot, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, there is unquestionably a lot that can go wrong there.

Dr. Kaplan, one of the doctors at the practice, said “Our goal is to provide our patients with knowledge and options so they can be part of the decision process regarding their care. We get them back on their feet!”

Podiatry care is particularly important for diabetics, due to the circulatory issues that they can have, and the Essex Union Podiatry clinic has diabetic care as a major concentration of its practice. It is recommended that every diabetic see a podiatrist at least once a year. This is in addition to the daily self-examination of their feet which essential all diabetic care instructors recommend for their patients.

Lucy Leonard, a patient of the practice said “I didn’t know before I went to Essex that as a diabetic I should never go barefoot, not even at home. I stepped on a Lego brick and my foot has never been quite the same. Luckily Dr. Kaplan was able to pack and treat the wound and I did not have to have surgery. I will never let anyone but her work on my feet again!”

Essex Union Podiatry maintains an active social media presence and much useful information can be found on its Facebook Page. Visitors will be able to see details and watch videos concerning many of the procedures that are available.

Positive reviews and feedback from some of the clinic’s patients can be found on its Facebook Page where it received a glowing 5-star review as well as on its website where a selection of testimonials is available.

As one patient said in her review, “After being in severe pain and in tears every day for months I walked into Dr. Galante’s office for a consultation. His bedside manner was amazing, and he immediately had a game plan to help me. He walked me through the surgical procedure that was necessary, and I have no pain today and have my life back. Thank you so much Dr. Galante. You are the best.”

Jane McPhearson, a spokesperson for Essex Union Podiatry, said, “We always like to receive positive feedback from our patients because it lets us know how well we are doing and how much we have helped. We always aim to help any patient to the best of our ability of course, but it is especially gratifying though, to hear from someone whose testimonial states that we have helped give them their life back.”

Anyone needing to find out how to get directions to Essex Union Podiatry’s Caldwell Clinic can do so by visiting the company’s GMB listing (Google My Business listing) on Google. Those wishing to find out more about Essex Union Podiatry and the services it offers can do so by visiting the company’s website where details about how to get in touch, either by telephone or online contact form, can be found.


For more information about Essex Union Podiatry, contact the company here:

Essex Union Podiatry
Dr. Jason Galante, Dr. Nancy Kaplan and Dr. Sarah Haller
+1 973-226-2263
376 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell,
NJ 07006, United States