Essential Behavioral Health Pushes Back Against Co-Occurring Disorders Using Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Fair Oaks, CA: In the world of behavioral health and addiction treatment, experiencing a co-occurring disorder is not all that uncommon. Similarly, like any quality treatment for physical health, quality treatment for co-occurring disorders can be tackled through dual diagnosis treatment.

One addiction and mental health treatment center in Sacramento is taking it upon themselves to bring professional support and specialty treatment plans to ensure that their comprehensive treatment plans take on the needs of every client.

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At Essential Behavioral Health, program offerings include an intensive outpatient program, an outpatient care program, private and secure sober living residences, and a telehealth program that meets the increasing demands for convenient and quick access to proper care. Essential Behavioral Health is an organization that recognizes and treats a wide variety of disorders that can range from substance use, to mental health disorders, to trauma disorders.

In order to provide a client with the best opportunity to experience life-long recovery, Essential Behavioral Health ensures that each client receives a meticulous personalized assessment so that the client’s treatment plan can be individually crafted to tackle unique avenues of concern. Essential Behavioral recognizes that each person is unique and different. Therefore, an effective treatment plan is one that diagnoses all the disorders that are affecting the client and meticulously develops programming to address the diagnosed issues.

Oftentimes, clients struggling with mental health disorders can turn to substance use as a way to self-medicate and make themselves feel better. Alternatively, some individuals who struggle with a substance use disorder can also struggle with a mental health disorder. Although determining whether a mental health disorder or a substance use disorder came first is difficult, Essential Behavioral Health's treatment model is built upon a foundation of recognizing the importance of treating both disorders to achieve a complete recovery.

The Master’s-level clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and staff at Essential Behavioral Health recognize this importance and are well-prepared to engage clients with quality dual diagnosis programming to promote lasting recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment ensures that a client can receive the help they need for every part of their health.

Rather than focusing on surface level issues, Essential Behavioral Health focuses on getting to the root of the problem and properly treating the disorders where they begin rather than simply treating the consequences and running damage control for side effects.

Essential Behavioral Health is an organization that prides itself on delivering high-quality, individualized treatment to their clients by properly diagnosing each disorder and taking the time to plan effective treatment courses. Individuals interested in learning more about Essential Behavioral’s treatment philosophy or to see about intensive outpatient program admissions can contact a team member through the facility’s website or by calling (888) 725-3184.


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