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Clovis CA: Buying a Home with a Pool in Clovis CA

Clovis CA is an amazing place to live in. The county is located in central California. Nicknamed the “Gateway to the Sierra”, Clovis residents enjoy a life of comfort and convenience.

The state of California is famous for its warm weather. With its wide array of terrain, it is home to some of the hottest locations in America. Clovis and the surrounding area are no exceptions. Considering how hot it can get in the summers, having a home with a pool is a refreshing relief on a scorching day.

According to Jason, while there are quite a few public pools available in neighboring Fresno, CA, there’s nothing quite like having your own. He also mentioned that with a pool of their own, homeowners can get as much space as needed, and can swim in it at any time they want. “Also, considering the recent pandemic, an isolated pool holds benefits,” he added.

Jason highlighted a few benefits of owning a Clovis CA home with a pool. He pointed out that it is great for low-impact exercise, and can serve as a centerpiece for events. Jason also pointed out that having your own pool adds value and aesthetic to the property.

However, Jason emphasized that there are also important considerations to keep in mind before buying a home with a pool. He said that pools can be expensive to maintain and repairs can rather be costly. They also contribute to electric bills and require special safety features.

“Pools can cost a lot to maintain,” Jason said. He also added that repair costs can be high. However, when pools are taken care of well and used gently, they are likely to last long before a repair.

As a real estate broker, Jason Nenadov has always been committed to assisting home buyers and sellers in Fresno and Clovis CA. He is not only knowledgeable in the Clovis CA market but is also committed to providing the best service possible for his clients. A satisfied former client wrote in his review, “Jason was great. It took forever to actually buy the house. He took me to houses for at least 6 months whenever I saw one that piqued my interest. He never got frustrated for me taking my sweet time. He knows picking the right home is not a quick and easy decision. He helped guide me along the way. I finally put an offer on a house, it was accepted and I couldn't be happier.”

Those who want to learn more about the homes for sale in Clovis CA with a pool or are looking for a real estate agent they can trust, call Jason Nenadov at 559-246-8991 or visit his website at www.equityassetsrealestate.com.

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Jason spent his grade school years in the foothills of Madera County. He then relocated to southern California with his family to settle in Fresno/Clovis. He graduated from The Master’s University and got his California Real Estate license in 2004. Four years later, he established Equity Assets Real Estate.

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Equity Assets Real Estate is an “old school” real estate company with “new school marketing.” It caters to home sellers and buyers in Clovis, Fresno, and Madera Counties.


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